How to remove dandelion stains from clothing?

How to remove dandelions stains? I’m a dad of 2 boys so let me tell you that dandelions and grass stains are common in the summer around here!

I’ve tested all the cleaning tips and products so here are my top tips for removing a dandelion stain from clothing.

1. Dandelion stain and white vinegar

To remove a dandelion stain from a garment, white vinegar is a really effective natural trick to try!

Here’s how to remove that dandelion stain:

  1. Pour and soak the dandelion stain with white vinegar and let sit.
  2. After 1 hour, rinse the garment and finish machine cleaning.

White vinegar can clean dandelion stains but also grass stains. A natural cleaner to remove stains from children’s clothes this summer.

2. Remove a dandelion stain with lemon

As we particularly like the natural tips and grandmother’s remedies on 10-Trucs, here is another one with lemon juice!

  1. Dampen a cloth or cotton ball with lemon juice and dab the dandelion stain.
  2. Rinse the garment with soapy water to complete the trick.

Regardless of the trick and the product you use, it is better to test it on an inconspicuous part of the garment to be detached so as not to damage or discolor it.

3. Clean dandelion with 70 degree alcohol

For a stubborn dandelion or grass stain on clothing, alcohol at 70° can work wonders!

Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Soak a cloth or cloth with a little 70° alcohol (you can also use a cotton swab for small stains).
  2. Leave on for 1 or 2 minutes and dab again to thoroughly clean the dandelion and rinse with clean water.

If the dandelion stain is unfortunately already attached to the garment, you can try to remove it with 90° alcohol.

4. A little ammonia on the dandelion stain

Ammonia is a product that is very effective in removing stubborn stains and marks on clothing, including those from dandelion, grass or other plants.

Here’s how to detach clothing with ammonia:

  1. Dilute a little ammonia with water
  2. Soak a cloth in this solution and dab the dandelion stain.
  3. Rinse and repeat if the stain still persists.

You can also use ammonia for a lawn stain but also several other tips as you will discover here: How to remove a grass stain?

5. Clean the dandelion stain with Marseille soap

Have you ever heard of Marseille soap? Personally, I use it to clean various surfaces at home, including kitchen counters and bathtubs.

But it is also possible to use this soap (bar) to clean certain stains including dandelion stains on clothes. Here’s how:

  1. Dampen the dandelion stain with cold water and gently rub in the Marseille soap.
  2. Form a kind of thick paste and let it act on the dandelion stain for several minutes.
  3. Gently rub (so as not to damage the fiber of the fabric) the stain and rinse with water to finish.

6. Use ox gall soap

Ox gall stain remover or soap is a super cleanser or rather a super stain remover!

In addition to removing dandelion stains this soap will remove stains:

  • red wine
  • fat
  • red fruit
  • of grass
  • ink
  • and many other stubborn fabric stains

Here is a stain remover made with ox gall available on Amazon:

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