How to remove dust in an eye?

A foreign body in the eye?

It happens to all of us to have at one time or another a dust or a foreign body in an eye. It’s something very unpleasant, especially if you can’t remove the dust quickly.

10 Tips offers you some good tips to quickly remove dust from your eye.

1. Blink fast fast fast

And yes, the easiest and fastest way to remove a little dust in the eye is to blink quickly. If your eyes are watering it is even more effective in removing that dust from the eye.

2. Do not rub eyes with fingers

The first reflex for many when it comes time to remove a foreign body from the eye is to rub vigorously with the fingers. You should never rub your eye with your fingers, you risk irritating your eye and pushing dust even further into your eye.

3. Rinse eyes to remove dust

Take a bowl in which you will pour clean water. With your hands bring the water to your eye level until the dust, the seed or the grain of sand is gone from your eye.

4. pat your eye lightly

You can also use a very clean cloth to remove dirt from the eye. Take a cloth and wet it with lukewarm water. Then tap your eye very lightly to remove dust from your eye.

5. Do you know the bread crumb trick?

A grandma’s trick that seems to work for removing a seed from an eye is to use a loaf of bread. Take the bread crumb and soak in milk and then place it at eye level to remove the dust.

6. Know what’s hiding in your eye

Before you do anything you need to determine what foreign body is hiding in your eye. To do this, just gently open the eyelids with your fingers, either with the thumb and index finger. If it’s a foreign body that could be harmful to your eye, quickly see a health care specialist who can help you safely remove the foreign body.

7. Eye drops

To succeed in quickly removing a dust or a seed in an eye, your eye must be wet. If you don’t have enough tears then you can use eye drops to rinse your eye and remove the dust.

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