How to remove false nails?

tips and tricks for taking off false nailsHow to remove and take off false nails easily?

Everyone who has had fake nails has been guilty of removing them incorrectly. Whether on purpose by pulling them out of their natural nails, biting them or by accident, fake nails should never be pulled out!

This can result in thin, brittle and damaged nails, and it can take months for them to grow back healthy. Here are some tips and tricks for removing false nails properly!

1. File, sand and cut false nails

The first thing to do before trying to remove your false nails is to cut them. Indeed, it is important to file and cut the nails quite short before trying different tricks to take them off, including that of acetone.

  1. Using a nail clipper, trim the false nails very short, leaving the natural nails underneath.
  2. Then, with a sander or a file, sand the surface of your fake nails to make them as thin as possible, being careful not to touch the surface of your natural nails.
  3. Leave a thin layer of false nails on the surface of the natural ones and try the acetone trick offered below in this article.

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If your fake nails have already started peeling off on their own then the hot water trick may be enough to get them off properly.

  1. Soak the false nails in a basin of hot water for 30 minutes.
  2. After 30 minutes try to gently remove them using a cuticle stick to help you.
  3. Re-dip nails as needed or try another trick if you can’t get it all off.

Proceed gently, without forcing too much so as not to damage the surface of your natural nails. You can also add a few drops of liquid hand soap to warm water to protect the skin around the nails.

If there are glue or resin residues left on the natural nails, remove them by filing and sanding them to finish.

3. Remove false nails without acetone

It is possible to remove false nails using an acetone-free nail polish remover. To do this, you will need a nail clipper, nail polish remover made from ethyl lactate, natural citric acid or essential oils, a cuticle stick and a little petroleum jelly.

Here are the steps on how to remove your fake nails without using acetone:

  1. Cut your false nails as short as possible without touching the natural nails of course.
  2. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails to protect it.
  3. Fill a glass bowl with the nail polish remover of your choice and soak your fingers in it for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove your fingers from the bowl and attempt to carefully remove the fake nails. If the nail doesn’t come off, don’t force it. Dip your fingers back into the remover and soak for another 5 minutes.
  5. If there is any gel left on your nails, gently remove it using the cuticle stick.

4. Peel off gel false nails with acetone

The easiest way to remove gel or resin false nails is with acetone. However, this product can be harmful to the skin.

It is therefore necessary to take certain precautions before using it! So before you start, be sure to coat the skin of your hands, especially near the fingernails, with petroleum jelly.

  1. To remove gel nails, place your fingers in a glass bowl filled with acetone and let them soak for 20 minutes.
  2. Then, wrap them in aluminum foil and leave for another 30 minutes.
  3. Then all you have to do is gently remove the nails by gently pulling.
  4. If there is a bit of gel left on the surface of your natural nails, just sand it lightly.

Be careful, because if you use acetone too often to remove your false nails, you risk weakening and damaging your natural nails in addition to irritating the skin.

Video: How to easily remove false nails with acetone:

As you like Youtube tutorials here is one that shows us well how to remove fake nails with acetone. Pauline and Céline from the Youtube channel Twins & Makeup explain very well how to remove false nails in capsules, gel and semi-permanent nails.

5. Take off false nails with dental floss

The flossing trick works really well to loosen and gently remove false nails.

  1. Wait for the false nail to lift slightly and gently lift the false nail at its base with a cuticle stick.
  2. Insert the dental floss between the false nail (at its base) and the natural nail and pull gently from side to side (back and forth).
  3. Continue to pull gently until the false nail comes off completely and continue with the other fingers.

6. Cuticle oil to remove false nails

A very simple way to remove false nails and above all much gentler than acetone and other solvents is to use cuticle oil.

For this trick to be effective, the false nails must already be peeling off naturally.

  1. Apply a little nail oil to the parts just below the false nails and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Then, without forcing too much, slide the false nails back and forth or using a cuticle stick.

You can also use the dental floss trick to remove false nails more easily with this cuticle oil.

7. Caring for natural nails after removing false nails

Since having false nails can weaken the natural nails, it will be important to take good care of them after removing them.

Here’s how to take care of your natural nails:

  1. Start by filing them to give them a nice natural shape.
  2. Then, sand the surface to remove all traces of glue residue and polish them.
  3. Then apply a hand and nail cream, emphasizing the cuticle area.
  4. Finally, apply a hardening varnish to your nails to protect and harden them.

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