How to remove ink from skin and hands?

How to remove ink from the skin? A leaky pen, a problem with the printer’s ink cartridge, a bad joke from your children… Unfortunately, an ink stain on the skin can be difficult to remove!

10-Trucs therefore offers you below simple and quick tips to help you remove ink from your hands and skin.

1. Soapy water to start

The very first thing to do if you stain your skin with a pen or printer ink is to wash your hands quickly.

Soapy water is the first thing to do to remove ink from your hands. If you have just stained yourself, the soap should be enough to remove all traces of ink.

This is the first step also to remove paint as in this article: How to remove paint from hands?

2. Nail polish remover to remove ink

Another very effective and quick trick to remove ink from fingers, for example, is to use a nail polish remover.

  • Soak a cotton ball or small cloth in nail polish remover and rub the ink stain.
  • Then rinse your hands with soapy water to finish.

You can also use acetone diluted with a little water to easily remove ink from your hands.

You also stained a fabric with ink?

This other article: Removing an ink stain from fabricinstead offers tips for removing ink from fabrics and other surfaces.

3. Rub the ink stain with bleach

Bleach, although a very « powerful » product, can be used to effectively remove ink from the skin.

Here’s how to use it on the hands:

  • Soak a rag in bleach and rub the ink stain.
  • Rinse hands with water to remove all traces of bleach.

Use this trick only on fingers and hands, never to remove ink from the face… NEVER.

4. Remove the ink on the hand with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another popular product used on for a multitude of tips and tricks.

Here’s how to use it this time to clean some ink off your hand:

  • Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a basin of water.
  • Dip your hand in it for a few minutes and scrub (use a soft brush to completely remove the ink from the skin).

In addition to removing ink from the skin, hydrogen peroxide also cleans dye stains. Follow this link to find out all the tricks: How to remove color from the skin?

5. Removing an ink stain with alcohol

Alcohol is an effective solution for removing ink from the hands, face or elsewhere on the skin. The alcohol swab is the best solution for this trick!

  • Soak an alcohol pad and rub the ink into your skin.
  • Then rinse with soap and water to finish.

If you’re using the alcohol swab to remove ink from your face, be careful with your eyes.

6. Use Oil for Ink Stains on Skin

As with other types of stains on the skin, oil is a good trick to remove everything effectively in addition to being safe for the body and face.

So how do you remove an ink stain with oil?

  • Soak a cotton ball or cloth in olive oil and rub the stained skin.
  • Rub until the ink disappears completely.

7. Marseille soap as a natural cleanser

WHAT you still don’t have Marseille soap at home? Marseille soap is of course very popular for making your own homemade laundry but also for removing a multitude of stains including ink!

  • Rub the ink stain with a little water and Marseille soap.
  • Then rinse your skin to remove the soap and regain your beautiful spotless skin.

8. Rub the skin with baking soda

If you’ve stained your fingers with printer ink you know how hard it is to get rid of it completely!

Lucky for you here is a trick to completely remove printer cartridge ink on the skin:

  • Mix equal amounts of water and baking soda to form a paste.
  • Rub the ink stain with this paste until the stain disappears from the skin.

You can replace the water with lemon juice to make it even more effective against ink stains.

9. Remove the stain with lemon juice

Lemon juice is a very effective 100% natural stain remover and yet very little used today. Here is this lemon juice tip:

  • Gently scrape your ink-stained skin with a pumice stone.
  • Once the excess ink has been removed, rub the skin again with a cloth and lemon juice.
  • Add a little baking soda or table sugar for more efficiency.

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