How to remove odors in shoes?

How to remove the smell in shoes? Having bad smells coming from socks and shoes is something quite annoying and uncomfortable! No one likes having smelly feet when it comes time to take their sneakers off.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to remove shoe odor quickly and effectively!

1. Remove bad odors from shoes with talcum powder

A first solution to remove and prevent bad odors in shoes is to sprinkle a little talcum powder.

Talcum powder is effective in removing moisture and bad odors from shoes.

A small pinch in each of the shoes and shoes is enough to prevent the formation of this smell of feet and perspiration.

Add a little boric acid powder for more efficiency!

Indeed, in addition to the talcum powder you can also add a little boric acid. This product will help to eliminate humidity and prevent the appearance of mold and fungi responsible for bad smells.

2. Remove shoe odor with baking soda

Baking soda is another natural product that you can use to neutralize bad odors including smell in shoes.

Super easy to do:

  • Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda inside the shoes.
  • Let the baking soda work overnight to remove the bad smell.
  • The next morning remove the baking soda to finish.

It is important to let the baking soda act as long as possible to properly absorb moisture and bad odors.

This trick is also effective for the smell in ice skates as you can read here: How to remove the smell of hockey equipment?

3. Stuffing your shoes with…kitty litter!

A really unusual trick that works very well to neutralize bad smells from sneakers is kitty litter.

If the litter helps neutralize your cat’s urine and feces odor why couldn’t it work for the smell of sweaty feet?

Here’s how to use cat litter:

  • Line the inside of the shoe with cat litter (clean of course).
  • Leave to act for a few hours or better overnight.
  • The next morning remove and clean the inside of the shoes.

So if you don’t have baking soda at home, use cat litter for an equally effective result.

4. Anti-odor recipe for shoes

If you like grandma’s recipes then here is one that quickly removes bad odors from shoes:

  • Add 250 ml of rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle.
  • Add 5 to 10 drops of lemon essential oil (depending on the quality of the essential oil).
  • Spray into shoes and let air dry before putting them back on.

You can save the solution and spray it again in the shoes when needed.

5. Put the shoes in the freezer

Did you know that cold (very cold) eliminates certain bacteria, including those responsible for bad odours?

So before you go to bed for the night here is what to do with your smelly shoes:

  • Place the shoes in a freezer bag and reseal it.
  • Put the bag in the freezer and leave to act overnight.
  • Repeat as needed if odor still persists the next morning.

The cold will kill the bacteria responsible for bad odors in your shoes but also in socks and other pieces of clothing.

6. Rub the inside of the shoes with the Alum stone

If you suffer from excessive perspiration, perhaps you already know Alum Stone? It is in fact a natural and effective deodorant against perspiration and bad odor.

So rather than applying it under the armpits apply the deodorant directly in the shoe, on the sole inside.

Apply this natural deodorant regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria and bad odors in the shoes.

Alum stone or Alum powder is also effective against bad body odor as you can discover here: Remove the smell of perspiration on a garment.

7. Vinegar for bad foot odor

Vinegar is also an interesting ingredient and trick for cleaning but also deodorizing a multitude of stains and unwanted odors.

So why not use vinegar as an anti-odor tip for shoes?

  • Soak a cloth in pure vinegar and dab well inside your shoes.
  • Let it dry and wait a few hours and you’re done.

There will be no more bad smells and it will take longer for new smells to settle in your favorite pair of shoes.

8. A natural shoe deodorizer

If you are looking for a 100% natural tip to deodorize the inside of shoes, lavender is definitely the right choice.

2 solutions based on lavender:

  • Place inside the shoes a few small branches of freshly cut lavender overnight.
  • Or place a small packet of dried lavender flowers in the shoes (to make yourself or buy in store).

You can also make small bouquets of potpourri with lavender, lemon and orange zest and even cinnamon which you then place in the shoes at night.

9. Tips to prevent odor in shoes

Changing your shoe soles: To eliminate bad odors from your shoes, you can either change the insoles regularly or buy antibacterial insoles. These are the best insoles for controlling odor in your shoes. They are ideal for those who have sweaty feet.

Air your shoes more often: When you enter, hasten to open your shoes. Untie your shoelaces and put your shoes in an airy place in the house. If your shoes are wet, leave them in the sun on the balcony, for example, weather permitting.

Wear light and airy shoes: Avoid wearing shoes that are too thick, coated and tight. Instead, choose light and airy models that allow better odor control.

Clean the inside of shoes and the soles: Indeed, to be sure that a bad smell does not settle in the shoes, get into the habit of cleaning them. You can use, for example, white vinegar, hydroalcoholic hand gel or denatured alcohol. Always let them dry well before putting them back on your feet.

Always have socks in your shoes: The worst thing to do is to have bare feet in shoes or sneakers. Having bare feet will promote perspiration and therefore humidity, which will result in bad odors in the shoes.

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