How to remove pilling?

Pilling on your favorite sweater?

Tips for removing fluff from clothes We all find ourselves, sooner or later, with fluff on our favorite sweater or any other woolen piece, giving it an ugly and worn look.

Luckily, there are tricks to remove pilling on clothes or on the sofa easily, and even to prevent them! Here are our tips and tricks for eliminating pilling.

1. The anti-pilling razor

Very effective and fast, using a razor specifically designed to remove pilling from clothing or furniture will save you a lot of time.

Most lint razors can be used on all types of fabric. This type of device will give a clean and rejuvenated appearance to your sweaters, sofas and other fabric furniture and clothing. So if you are looking for an effective and really inexpensive anti-pilling razor, offers you this Philips model at a low price:

To see other models of anti-pilling razors, here is our comparative guide to Best Pilling Shavers. You will discover our top 3 fabric shavers for sweaters, sofas and blankets.

2. Remove pilling with a clothes brush

There are different types of clothes brushes that can help you remove lint from fabrics and woolens, including the sticky sheet brush and the tangle-removing brush that works thanks to the use of Velcro strips.

You’ll find it handy to have these brushes on hand when you need to remove hair and lint from your clothes.

Remove pilling with masking tape:

If you don’t have a cling sheet brush, you can use masking tape to remove lint from your fabric clothes and furniture. Just wrap a piece of tape around your finger, sticky side out, and dab the pilling areas.

3. Remove fluff by hand

Yes, it will take some time and patience, but if you don’t have a lint removal tool, take advantage of a rainy Sunday to sit down in front of a TV show or a movie to remove pilling from clothes and fabrics.

Use tweezers to help with this task:

To help you remove the pilling on the sofa and your clothes, use tweezers. All you have to do is grab the fluff one by one and pull gently so as not to damage the fabric of course.

4. Use a pilling comb

Did you know that there are anti-pilling combs? This comb allows you to remove pilling and other small fluff from a fabric sofa as well as from clothing and other fabric that pills.

Use a hair comb against pilling:

You can remove large pills on a woolen sweater or sofa with a wide-toothed hair comb. Pull the fabric tight and run the comb gently to remove all the pilling.

5. Remove lint with a manual razor

You can very well use a manual razor (a razor blade too) to remove the pilling from the fabrics. A razor with worn blades will be preferable because it will avoid damaging or cutting the fabric.

Here’s how:

  1. Sit on a table, counter or any flat surface and spread the fabric or garment well.
  2. Stretch the fabric over the area to be treated and gently stroke the razor from top to bottom.

6. Remove fluff with sandpaper

Sandpaper, or sandpaper, is another method to try for removing lint from a sweater or couch. Prefer a fine grain paper, then stretch the fabric before gently rubbing the pilling.

Also use a pumice stone against pilling:

You can also use a pumice stone to remove pilling from your woolen items. Just gently run a pumice stone over the stretched fabric and the stuffed animals will cling to the pumice stone on their own.

Use a sponge to remove the pills:

By using the abrasive side of a scouring sponge, you can also remove lint from your woolen clothes and furniture. You will only have to gently pass the sponge over the area to be treated and the pilling will remain attached to the abrasive part of the sponge.

7. Remove fluff with a strip of Velcro

Velcro can also help you to remove pilling from your fabrics.

Use a strip of Velcro, hook side, to easily remove stuffed animals from your sweaters or your sofa by gently passing it over it.

8. Remove pilling from a fabric sofa

If you are wondering how to remove pilling from a sofa then the best thing is an electric razor!

The electric razor is an effective and fast device for removing pilling and lint on a sofa and other fabrics in the house.

If you don’t have an anti-pilling razor at home, here’s how to use the electric razor:

To avoid having to start the task of removing pilling from your fabrics and woolens again each month, follow these anti-pilling tips:

  • Hand wash your clothes: to prevent the appearance of pilling on your clothes, remember to wash your clothes by hand. It is a much gentler washing method for the fibers of fabrics and woolens than the washing machine.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water: not only will cold water prevent you from ending up with a sweater three times smaller, it will also reduce the appearance of pilling
  • Be careful when spinning: avoid wringing your clothes too strongly to reduce the risk of seeing pilling in them. In the washing machine, choose the gentle cycle and of course, cold water
  • For machine washing: Get into the habit of turning your clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. This will prevent the visible part of the clothes from rubbing against the walls of the tub, which can lead to the appearance of lint.
  • Use a mild soap: you will find mild soaps specifically designed for washing woollens. These soaps will reduce the formation of pilling. To avoid at all costs, powdered soaps which are abrasive
  • Avoid fabric softeners: as some woolen fabrics react to fabric softeners or fabric softeners by forming fluff, avoid using it as much as possible when washing.

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