How to remove sludge from hands?

How to remove grease from hands? If you are a mechanic or have just worked on your car, bike, lawnmower or other equipment, grease stains are very common, aren’t they?
I who often “dab” on my car, my mower and my boys’ bikes, here are some tips for quickly removing the grease on my hands.

1. Wash your hands with vegetable oil

The first trick to clean your hands stained with grease or other greasy stains is the use of vegetable oil.

  1. Wash your hands with olive or other oil (use the vegetable oil you have at home)
  2. Rinse and wash hands again with soap and water to finish.

The mistake to never make is to rinse your hands directly under water to start. You will only spread the sludge further on the skin.

2. Remove sludge with Sommières clay

An effective product against greasy stains and which is in fact an excellent dry stain remover is Terre de Sommières.

Here’s how to use it for cleaning stained hands:

  1. Mix in a bowl the earth of Sommières with water.
  2. Mix the 2 ingredients to form a malleable paste.
  3. Rub your hands with this paste to remove the grease.
  4. Rinse hands with soapy water to complete the trick.

3. A mixture of flour and white vinegar

This flour and vinegar trick from Grandma works great for having used it for cleaning my hands after fixing my boy’s bike this summer.

  1. Form a dough by mixing flour and white vinegar.
  2. Rub oil-stained hands with the paste.
  3. Finish with hand washing with soap and water.

This vinegar and flour cleansing paste is ideal for removing grease and oil stains from hands.

4. Black and White Meudon Hand Soap

Here’s another grandma’s recipe for making her own cleansing paste to clean and remove grease from your hands.

  1. Mix in a bowl an equal quantity of white Meudon and liquid black soap.
  2. Form a paste and rub hands together to remove grease stains.
  3. Simply rinse with soapy water to finish.

If you don’t have Meudon white wine at home, then choose the trick with white vinegar and flour, which is just as effective against sludge.

5. Buy a hand soap paste

Of course, if you often get your hands dirty with grease and oil, the best solution may be to buy a product adapted to these stains.

Here is a paste soap from Facom which is very effective and quick to remove grease from the hands and other greasy stains.

Hand soap paste

Hand soap paste

  • Removes grease and sludge from hands
  • Cleans quickly and effectively
  • Leaves hands hydrated and smooth after cleansing

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