How to remove static electricity in hair?

How to remove static in hair?

When we have dry hair and it definitely lacks moisture, electricity gets involved and our hair becomes a little too electric!

To remedy this, several tips can be used to regain more normal hair! Here are 10 tips against static electricity in the hair!

1. Space hair colors

Did you know that coloring hair can make your hair more sensitive to static electricity?

Indeed, the dye unfortunately makes the hair dry and light. So you are more likely to have this static electricity problem.

So it is better to space the time between each of your dyes as much as possible. If you can, also space out your shampoos to avoid getting more static in your hair.

2. Avoid over brushing the hair

And yes, the more you brush your hair, the more static it will have! So it is better to space out the hair brushing sessions, especially if you have fine hair.

Avoid plastic brushes!

If you have a plastic brush to brush your hair then you risk getting even more static in your hair.

Instead, choose a brush with boar bristles to brush and detangle your hair.

In addition to choosing the right brush, it is important to clean it well! Here is an article on this subject with lots of practical tips: How to wash a hairbrush?

3. A shampoo against dry hair

If you have dry and very fine hair it is better to use a shampoo specially designed for dry hair.

This type of shampoo will hydrate your hair more to make it less dry and less prone to static.

Use conditioner with silicone against static!

After shampooing, apply a conditioner that contains silicone. Indeed, the silicone helps to eliminate or rather to control the electric charge thus avoiding the appearance of the static in the hair.

4. Add hairspray

Another trick to remove static in the hair or rather to avoid it is to use hairspray!

The hairspray builds a real barrier against static electricity in addition to weighing down the hair.

So spray some hairspray on your hair in the morning before you leave the house for work or school!

5. Brush your hair with a dryer sheet

How to get rid of static electricity in hair? Super simple with a dryer sheet!

2 methods for this trick:

  • Take a fabric softener sheet and insert it through the bristles of the brush and brush through the hair
  • Take a fabric softener sheet and rub the entire surface of the brush or comb and brush the hair.

5. Avoid rubbing your hair

After washing your hair do not rub your hair with a bath towel. Better to just wring out the hair and let it air dry in the house.

To keep static electricity away from your hair, avoid using hair dryers and straighteners at all costs.

If you must use a hair dryer or an iron then opt for an ionic device which avoids static electricity and frizz in the hair.

6. Dampen your hair

To quickly remove and neutralize static in the hair, water is a quick and effective ally. The downside is that you will have to start over often because the static will return.

  • Pour a few drops of water on your fingers or on your brush and slightly dampen your hair.

Be careful not to rub your hair too much, just moisten the top of the head without going deep into the hair.

7. Apply a little moisturizer in the hair

Did you know that the moisturizer you have at home to moisturize skin and hands can also be used to remove static from hair?

  • Rub your hands with a little moisturizer.
  • Pat the surface of the hair with the palm of the hand.

Little trick to do in the morning to avoid having static electricity throughout the day.

8. Avoid clothing made of synthetic fabrics

Acrylic clothes are true channels of electricity! So if you can, avoid this type of clothing to eliminate static electricity in your hair.

It is also necessary to pay attention to certain objects which surround you in the house such as:

  • the fabric sofa
  • synthetic carpet
  • the sweater you love so much
  • tights
  • cap
  • the scarf

9. A humidifier to remove static electricity

If you’re like me and you often have static in your hair in the winter, then maybe the problem is in the ambient air.

Indeed, in winter the air is often very dry in the house and when the air is dry, static is also unfortunately present.

So use a humidifier to humidify the apartment and you will notice that the static is much less present than before.

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