How to remove the smell of frying in the house?

How to remove frying smells in the house? Making homemade deep-fried fries, breaded fish or even chicken nuggets is delicious, but beware of frying smells!

Don’t let the smell spread throughout the house and act quickly with our tips and tricks to remove the smell of frying!

1. Clean and change fryer oil

If you use the deep fryer a lot to fry food and make good homemade fries then it is all the more important to clean and maintain it well.

When to change the fryer filter?

To avoid bad frying smells everywhere in the house, it is important to change and clean the fryer filter regularly.

When to change fryer oil?

It is recommended to change the oil in the fryer after approximately 10 uses. The smell in the house will be much less unpleasant as well.

How to clean the fryer?

Grease from the deep fryer can spread the frying smell even further. Sprinkle flour into the empty fryer. The fat will be absorbed by the flour. Then you can wash your fryer more easily with hot water.

Other fryer cleaning tips:

If you are looking for other effective tips to degrease the fryer then this other article offers you several: How to clean a fryer?

2. Ventilate the kitchen well while cooking

It may seem obvious, but airing the kitchen and the house while frying food is essential to avoid the spread of bad frying smells!

Here are some simple things to do to avoid these bad smells:

  • Open the windows a few centimeters (even in winter).
  • Operate the extractor hood during and after cooking.
  • Operate the air exchanger to evacuate frying odours.
  • Place the fryer on the balcony to fry food directly outdoors.

3. Eliminate frying smell with white vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural product that you can use very well to remove the smell of frying in a house.

So here’s how to use it as an anti-odor:

  1. Pour 2 cups of vinegar into a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  2. Let the vinegar fumes work against the frying smell in the kitchen.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar then you can also use lemon juice to remove the frying smell in the kitchen.

The heated vinegar trick also neutralizes the smell of burnt food as you can discover in this article: How to get rid of the burning smell in a house?

4. Eucalyptus essential oil against frying smell

Some essential oils are effective in neutralizing and eliminating bad food and cooking odors in the home.

Heated eucalyptus essential oil will quickly eliminate the frying smell anywhere in the house.

2 methods to use this essential oil:

  • Heat the eucalyptus essential oil in a small ceramic saucer and with a candle.
  • Diffuse eucalyptus oil using an electric diffuser or a portable humidifier.

Diffuse the oil during and after cooking food to effectively neutralize frying odors in the apartment.

5. Parsley to neutralize the frying smell

Parsley is a really effective grandmother’s remedy against bad smells in the kitchen, including that of frying!

Here’s how to use parsley while cooking:

  1. Place 1 or 2 sprigs of parsley directly into the frying oil.
  2. Fry the food as usual and you will notice that the frying smell will be much less present.

You can place the parsley sprigs directly in the oil in the fryer or in the pan.

6. Toast to neutralize odors in the kitchen

Another trick to help get rid of the frying smell in a house is to toast some bread.

Indeed, toasted bread (almost burnt) is an effective and quick way to eliminate the smell of frying and even fish.

You can toast the bread in the toaster or directly in the oven. But be careful not to set the bread on fire!

7. Burn Armenian Paper

Have you ever heard of Armenia paper? If you are looking for a VERY effective product to neutralize bad frying smells in the kitchen, then Armenia paper is the solution!

Just burn this paper to quickly make frying smells disappear, anywhere in the house!

If you’ve just made your great fish and chips recipe you’ll definitely enjoy these other tips and tricks: How to remove the smell of fish in the house?

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