How to remove white spots on nails?

How to remove white spots on nails?

It happens that small whitish spots appear on the nails of the hands but also of the feet. There are several possible causes but fortunately the majority of them are benign. So how do you remove those white spots?

10 Tips offers tips and products to prevent and remove white spots on the nails.

Tips for removing white spots on nails:

1. White spots due to a lack of calcium

Did you know that white spots on fingernails and toenails have nothing to do with a lack of calcium? Indeed, many people think that the appearance of white spots on the nails is linked to a lack of calcium and yet this is not the case.

So it is useless to consume more dairy products for the sole purpose of not having white spots on the nails. So continue reading our tips and tricks to discover the causes and treatments of these white spots on the nails.

2. Wait for the nail to grow

Of course, the first solution against white spots is to let the nail grow and then simply cut the part where the spot is present.

Unfortunately, as nail growth can take several weeks and even months, you will unfortunately have to endure the white spot during all this time.

Here are some practical tips to help speed up the growth of your nails: How to grow nails faster?

3. A little shock on the nail

Most of the time the cause of white spots on the nails is due to a small shock or a small blow on the nail.

If the nail turns black then there is more damage and unfortunately you may need to see a health specialist to make sure the nail is not dead.

But in general, the white spot will disappear after about 6 months, the time that the nail grows.

If you bite your nails regularly you are more at risk of having white spots, so beware!

Of course, as it is impossible to completely remove the white spots on the surface of the nail, it is still possible to avoid them.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid biting your nails because it can actually cause the appearance of small whitish spots on the nails.

Also, if you work outside with your hands, why not wear gloves and especially pay attention to your fingers and nails to precisely avoid having blows and therefore white spots on your nails.

5. Hide white spots on nails

Of course, if you really want to have no stains on your nails, you have to camouflage them, thanks to makeup.

To do this, simply buy and apply a covering varnish with a protective base for the health of your nails. A simple trick to hide white spots and have beautiful nails!

6. Strengthen nails

You can also use a grandmother’s recipe to strengthen your nails to precisely avoid white spots and other aesthetic problems.

So you can prepare a bath for the nails based on lemon juice and castor oil. Here’s how to do this trick:

  • Mix equal parts lemon juice and castor oil.
  • Soak the nails in this solution for a few minutes.
  • Let it dry and repeat once a week.

Nails soaked in this mixture of lemon juice and castor oil will help your nails become harder and stronger.

For the health of nails or hair here is a quality castor oil for your home remedies:

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7. Watch your fingernails!

Simple, small changes at home can help you have beautiful, blemish-free nails.

Always use a soft brush to clean your nails and above all you should not file them too often because you risk damaging them even more.

Is it very important to clean your nails well, every day? We therefore offer you 10 practical tips and advice right here: How to clean your nails?

8. Don’t forget to dry your hands

When you wash your hands, play in the water or wash your baby in the bath, it is important to dry your hands and therefore your nails.

If you leave your nails wet too long it can make them more fragile and thus facilitate the appearance of white spots.

9. Always use nail clippers

As we mentioned above, do not bite your nails because you risk damaging them. Indeed, always use a sharp nail clipper to cut the nails.

Also don’t forget, when you bite your nails you risk catching all kinds of bacteria and germs because your hands touch thousands of things every day.

10. The white spot is getting bigger?

Pay attention to your nails because if the white spot grows or changes color over time, it may hide a more serious problem.

So if you think that this stain is not normal, do not hesitate to consult a health professional who can inform you and suggest a treatment.

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