How to remove yellow sweat stains?

How to remove sweat stains? If you’re like me and sweat a lot while playing sports or just physical activity then you know how hard it is to remove a sweat stain!

Fortunately, there are a few very simple little tricks to make these dark circles disappear (or at least reduce)! So here are 10 anti-sweat stain tips!

1. Quickly rinse the sweat-stained garment with lukewarm water

The very first thing to do if you have just played sports and have sweated a lot is to rinse the garment with warm water.

The trick of rinsing with warm water is only effective for a fresh and still wet sweat stain on the garment.

This trick is effective on different garments and fabrics such as velvet, nubuck, cotton and synthetic fabrics.

A sweat stain on a cap?

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2. Clean the sweat stain with white vinegar

White vinegar is a 100% natural cleanser that you can use to remove a sweat stain from white clothing.

White vinegar is ideal for a wool sweater for example or other very thick fabric sweaters. Here’s how to use it on your white garment:

  • Pour an equal amount of white vinegar and warm-cold water into the sink or a large container.
  • Once the vinegar is diluted in water, soak the sweat-stained garment.
  • Leave on for about 45 minutes, rinse and finish with a wash in the washing machine.

You can also simply dab the yellow sweat stain with a cloth soaked in this solution and rub lightly before ending in the washing machine.

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3. Detach the garment with lemon juice and baking soda

Another tip for removing sweat stains is to use lemon juice and baking soda to finish.

This trick is done in 2 simple and quick steps! So here’s how to pull off this grandmother’s trick:

  • Pour the juice of a lemon on the yellow stain of perspiration and let it act for 30 seconds.
  • Rub the stain with a clean cloth, sponge or soft-bristled brush.
  • Sprinkle and cover the entire stain with baking soda and rub with a new cloth.
  • Leave to act for 1 hour, rinse and finish cleaning the garment in the washing machine.

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4. Hydrogen peroxide on white or light-colored clothing

If you have noticed a sweat stain on a white garment or on a light colored garment then hydrogen peroxide can help you remove it.

This cleaning tip is super simple and quick to do:

  • Dampen a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and gently dab the sweat stain.
  • Leave on for a few seconds and rinse the garment with cold water.

Once dried, the sweat stain should be completely gone from the white garment. But be careful to use this trick only on light-colored clothes.

5. Use the whitening power of soda crystals

To succeed in effectively removing yellowish stains from perspiration on a garment, the use of a whitening product is an excellent solution.

A product that has a good whitening power and that can remove some stubborn stains are soda crystals. If you want to try this trick here is how to do it:

  • Pour hot water into a basin or directly into the kitchen sink.
  • Then add soda crystals (about 100 ml of soda crystals for 1 liter of hot water).
  • Soak the stained garment until the sweat stain disappears.
  • Rinse garment in cold water and air dry on a rack.

6. Clean the sweat stain with oxalic acid

Have you ever used oxalic acid or sorrel salt to clean a stubborn stain?

Well, oxalic acid is another product that you can use against sweat stains but also to remove other types of stains.

You can use this product to remove a sweat stain from dark colored clothing. Here’s how:

  • Dampen a small cloth with the oxalic acid and dab the sweat stain.
  • Leave on for a minute and rinse the garment with cold water.
  • Soak a new cloth with hydrogen peroxide and dab the garment again.
  • Rinse and finish cleaning the garment in the washing machine.

7. Soak garment in hot water and laundry detergent

Finally, one last trick that can be done to clean a sweat stain on a white or colored garment is to use a simple detergent.

  • Fill a basin or the kitchen sink with hot water.
  • Add a capful of liquid washing machine detergent to hot water.
  • Soak garment for 1-2 hours, rinse and dry to finish.

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