How to save on food?

How to save on food?

Nowadays, everyone knows that food is expensive… More and more expensive! Eating is becoming increasingly difficult as the price of food rises ever faster. This is why it becomes important to be able to save on food… But how?

10-Trucs presents you today easy tips and practical advice to save on food!

Tips and tricks to save on food:

1. Go shopping on a full stomach so you don’t spend!

The first tip that I strongly recommend is to go shopping on a full stomach, once you have eaten well.

This old trick works really well for saving money on food! In fact, shopping for groceries while hungry considerably increases the price of the grocery bill because you buy even more.

By being less hungry, we are less likely to buy too much or unnecessarily food, so we save! ?

2. Always make a list of what you need to buy!

Before going shopping, it is important to make a list of all the foods you need to buy, department by department.

A simple trick is to look at cookbooks and select a few for your weekly meals. Make your grocery list based on the food you need to cook these different meals.

Never shop without a list!

If you have a bad habit of going shopping without your list, you risk spending a lot more since you don’t know what to buy for food.

By having a grocery list in hand you will have to follow it and you will avoid excesses. Thus, no more superfluous expenses and welcome to savings!

3. Save money on food thanks to food destocking!

Did you know that there were stores or rather food destockers? The concept is frankly simple and allows you to save big on food.

Indeed, the principle is to be able to buy food whose expiry date is approaching. It’s really very practical to buy cheap food that you can then freeze at home if the expiry date is too close for example.

4. Make big cauldrons of food

To save on food you must of course learn to cook! It’s true, buying food and ready-to-eat meals is much more expensive than buying fresh, ready-to-cook food!

Sometimes a few foods combined are enough to create large meals that will feed several people or last several days.

  • stew
  • shepherd’s pie
  • meat macaroni,
  • rice
  • spaghetti sauce, etc.

All great meal ideas to save on food!

5. Shop and take advantage of discounts!

There are many discounts on food, but you still have to know where to find them and how to really take advantage of them!

So to save on food here are websites as well as applications to download and install on your phone:

Shopmium (for France): This application allows you to save on everyday products by receiving cash back directly in your bank account! Discounts and reductions available in a multitude of supermarkets but also hypermarkets.

Coupon Network (for France): If you like to use coupons to save money at the supermarket then the Coupon Network site is the solution to save. In addition to being able to save on food, you can also save on hygiene products, baby products and even pet products.

flipp (for Quebec): This application for Android and IOS phones offers you discount coupons for various stores and supermarkets. In addition to discounts to save this application also allows you to quickly and easily consult all the flyers.

To discover the best sites for coupons and online discount vouchers, it’s here: Printable coupons.

6. Watch out for food waste

Waste is something to banish from your daily life, especially when it comes to food!

So don’t forget to take inventory of your refrigerator regularly. This will prevent you from throwing away leftover food that could have turned into a delicious meal!

Because don’t forget that waste ends up being expensive… Very expensive!

7. Choose house brands

You will find in the supermarkets the house brands which are generally much cheaper than the big brands in food.

A very simple trick to make big savings on each of your shopping!

8. Create collective kitchens

The collective kitchen is increasingly popular with people concerned about saving money.

So with your friends, family or neighbors, buy a list of specific foods, cook in large quantities (everyone together) and share all the dishes to finish.

An excellent tip to save money on food in addition to spending time with those you love!

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