How to scare rodents out of your car?

How to scare rodents out of your car?

Natural repellent to keep rodents away from the car

Rodents such as rats, mice or squirrels can damage your car and even nibble electrical wires.

I myself live in the countryside and it is not uncommon to see squirrels and mice take refuge on the warm engine. Here are tips and tricks to keep rodents away from your car.

There are a few unmistakable signs of the presence of mice, rats and other rodents in a car, mainly under the hood.

A funny smell when you start the car?

A few years ago when we started the car, there was a funny smell of heating, excrement, hay, in short, something was hiding under the hood!

Indeed, once the hood was lifted, we quickly saw a kind of nest made with all kinds of stuff right next to the engine. It was a mouse, or rather a family of mice.

Wires and cables eaten under the hood!

An unmistakable sign is to see electrical wires and sheaths that protect the cables under the hood that are nibbled and chewed on. You have to act quickly to avoid electronic and mechanical damage to your car because of its rodents.

Presence of rodents and weasels around the car!

Of course, if during the day you notice the presence of rodents and small mammals such as martens lurking around and under the car, then quickly run to check the condition of your engine under the hood.

2. Don’t leave food lying around in and around the car

To keep rodents away from cars, you must of course avoid attracting them. So be careful never to leave food inside the passenger compartment but also around the car.

If you have children, like us, then you know how badly there can be “crumbs” and leftover food between the seats and on the carpets of the car.

Regularly clean the interior of the car!

So a few times during the year, do a thorough cleaning of the car to avoid attracting rodents with food crumbs that have fallen all over the car.

Watch out for food near the car!

You should also avoid storing food, be it bird seed, garden seed or cat and dog food too close to the car. So if your car is parked near the shed where this food is stored, you may have problems with rodents.

3. Natural repellent to keep rodents away from cars

If you store your car for a few months then it is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent rodents from nesting under the hood of your car.

Cedar wood balls as a natural repellent!

A natural repellent to keep rodents away from your car is to use cedar balls. Just place several directly on the car engine and on the car dashboard. Remember to remove them before using the car again.

A natural anti rodent spray for car and home!

Whether against rodents or martens that come prowling near the car, here is a grandmother’s recipe to keep them away naturally.

Mix in a spray bottle the following ingredients:

  • 2 1/2 cups white vinegar
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 10 drops clary sage essential oil
  • 2 cloves garlic crushed, mashed.
  • 2 tablespoons strong mustard.

Mix all the ingredients well and spray the homemade repellent around the car and places where you have seen rodents walking around.

4. Keep rodents away from cars with an ultrasonic repellent

Of course, you can also choose an ultrasonic repeller that emits ultrasonic waves (safe for humans and animals) to get rid of rodents from cars.

There are indeed ultrasonic repellents that work with electricity and that attach directly to the car battery. This type of gadget is effective against mice and rats, but also against weasels and other small animals that can take refuge under the hood.

5. Other tips and tricks to scare away rodents from cars

Finally, I offer below several other tips, tricks and practical advice to successfully keep rodents away from your car.

  • Let your cat hunt rodents: If you have a cat then let it take care of the rats and mice. The cat is a real hunter, so let him chase them away from your car.
  • Be careful where you park your car: To prevent rodents from coming under the hood, park your car away from shrubs, garbage cans, bird feeders, vegetable gardens, etc.
  • Move your car: if you don’t use your car every day, still take the time to move it regularly to prevent rodents from nesting there and settling in comfortably under the hood.
  • Keep your car clean: As rats and mice look for food, it is important to keep the interior clean and never leave food in your car.

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