How to search for a person?

How to search for a person?

Site to find a lost person

For professional reasons or simply to revive good memories, we sometimes want to reconnect with certain people and childhood friends.

I offer you in this guide tips, advice and websites to find a person with or without internet.

1. Search for a person directly on Google

To find a person on the internet, a quick and effective solution is to use search engines. This first tip is effective, provided of course that you know the name and surname of the person you are looking for.

As Google remains the most popular and most used search engine for research, I obviously recommend it. To do this, simply type the name and surname of the person you are looking for.

Ah yes, enter the full name of the person you are looking for in quotation marks to display the name exactly as you are looking for it: “Thomas Martin”

How to refine the search on Google:

Several results will then be displayed, and with a bit of luck, you will be able to find his coordinates. To increase your chances of finding this person, you can add after the person’s first and last name: a city, a region, a trade, a school, etc

2. Find a person with their photo

Search for the person also on Google Image:

I also strongly recommend that you search for this person directly in Google Image. As the results are not the same as in the traditional results, you increase your chances of finding it even faster.

Upload a photo of the person you are looking for:

Finally to find a person with his photo you can also use the image search in Google. Just click on the image tab of your search engine and upload the photo there. Here’s how:

3. Find a person on Facebook

If you have a recent photo or a good memory of the person you met, it can very well be useful to try to find them via the various social networks such as Facebook and Instagram for example.

Finding a person on social networks can be very efficient and fast. Among the most popular to use for this type of research we can think of:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • instagram
  • LinkedIn

Search on Facebook:

More than 2 billion people around the world are currently on Facebook. It is therefore the best social network for finding and reconnecting with old friends and classmates.

So to find a person you lost sight of on Facebook, just type their name in the search bar and send them a request to add friends.

Of course, as there are 2 billion people on Facebook, you can refine your search by selecting the city or region, place of work or even the name of a school or university. Here’s what it looks like once in Facebook search:

how to find someone on facebook
Indicate the name of the person and refine the search (city, job, etc.)

So to find someone on the internet, Facebook is certainly the best social network to get there.

Find his profile on Instagram:

Instagram is also a great way to find someone you’ve lost sight of. The real advantage of Instagram is that it’s a photo-based social network, so it’s easy to find the face of that childhood friend you want to reconnect with.

Like Facebook, some Instagram profiles are private, but many are public, which makes it much easier to find someone.

Find someone on Linkedin

The professional social network LinkedIn is another place to find someone you’ve lost sight of. If you know this person’s industry and full name, Linkedin, like Facebook, is a quick and efficient way to look.

View lists of mutual friends on Facebook:

It doesn’t matter which social network you’re researching, a simple trick is to look at friends of friends.

Here’s how: if you know friends and acquaintances of this person go visit their profile and look at the list of their friends. Maybe you’ll find that lost person’s name in that other person’s friends list.

4. Find a person by their phone number

If you are looking for the best way and tool to find a person with their number (house or mobile) then (for France) and (for Canada) is undoubtedly the solution!

To search the Yellow Pages:

  1. Go to the website. (see picture below)
  2. Click on the menu tab named Reverse Directory.
  3. Enter the person’s number and start the search.

How to find a person by their phone number

To search on Canada411:

  1. Go to the website and go to the Search by phone number section.
  2. Enter the telephone number of the person you are looking for to get his address.

Search for a person on Canada411 with their phone number

The yellow pages and other online directories are easy to use sites and tools to search and especially to find a person’s contact details.

5. A site to find a person

Ever heard of Copain d’avant, this search site? It is in a way a social network or rather a search site for people and childhood friends.

Find old classmates!

So if you are looking for old classmates, whether in elementary school, middle school or high school, this site is there to help you find your classmates quickly.

In addition to schools, you can search for a person via a company, an association or even via military service.

With its 15 million members and 3 million establishments registered on the site, you will quickly find your old friends and classmates.

6. Another Free People Finder Site is another person search site or rather a site to find a lost friend and classmate!

Trombi is free and very easy to use to search for your old friends:

  1. Select the region and city where your school was
  2. Then select the name of the elementary, middle or high school.
  3. You will then find the number of students registered on the site and other statistics.

Of course, to find friends and classmates with this search site, you must enroll in this school. It’s free!

7. A group to find a lost person

A few years ago there was a popular site to help people find lost people over time. This site was called JeTeRecherche! Maybe you didn’t know it but it is now transformed into a Facebook group.

A great supportive community!

The real advantage of this private group is the community of 30K members that compose it. A simple publication on the group will allow you to reach tens, hundreds or even thousands of people thanks to the sharing of other members on their own Facebook profile.

So if you are looking for a person who has been missing for a very long time or someone you meet on the street or in the metro, quickly join this group right here:

8. List the information on the person sought

If you’re looking for someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years, it might be worth making a plan to avoid wasting your time.

Write down all relevant information on a sheet that you remember of that person such as:

  • his first and last name
  • his last address, city and region
  • his date of birth
  • his email address
  • the names of his parents, brother and sister
  • his last phone number
  • his last job
  • his school, etc.
  • her photos
  • his hobbies and interests

Once you have as much information as possible in front of you, it will be much easier and more efficient to search for this person.

9. Contact the loved ones of the person sought

Now that you have a lot of information related to this person, the best solution to find them quickly is to get in touch with their relatives. Whether by contacting his parents, his former friends, his former work colleagues and former classmates.

It’s easier to find dozens of different people than just one. So as soon as you have found just one of these people, contact them to ask them about the person you are looking for and want to find.

If this person is unfortunately unable to tell you where to find them, continue with another of their old acquaintances until you find them!

10. Hire a private detective to find someone

If you have the financial means to do so why not hire a professional, a private detective to help you in your research?

These people specialize in finding people and loved ones you’ve lost track of over the years.

Of course, before calling on the services of a detective, make sure you have enough information about the person you are looking for, otherwise you risk being disappointed with the results.

If you want to find the phone number of an old friend or a co-worker instead, these tips will interest you: Tips for finding a mobile number.

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