How to sleep well on the plane?

How to sleep on a plane?

When you go on a trip and you have to travel a long distance by plane, it is certain that you would like to be able to sleep in order to pass the time and of course to rest.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to sleep on a plane since you’re surrounded by people, noise, comings and goings, and comfort isn’t always conducive to sleep. 10 Tips therefore presents you with tips and products for sleeping well on the plane.

Tips and tricks for sleeping well on the plane:

1. Drink herbal tea to sleep better

Drinking a good hot herbal tea can actually help you relax and sleep well on the plane during a trip. As not all airlines offer herbal teas to travelers, find out if you can bring your own tea bags on the plane.

A herbal tea will soothe and relax you from the start of the plane flight. The simple act of drinking herbal tea could therefore help you sleep more easily on the plane. Use chamomile or orange blossom herbal tea for better sleep on the plane.

herbal tea to sleep well on the plane

2. A travel pillow for sleeping on the plane

To promote sleep on the plane, the purchase of a travel pillow is therefore quite logical. But since there are dozens and even hundreds of different models, it is important to compare and read comments and user reviews in order to make the best possible purchase.

The travel pillow can be inflatable or not, but don’t forget that the space in a luggage is very important so it is better to choose a compact travel pillow with a storage bag. And even if you don’t often travel by plane, you will be able to use your travel pillow elsewhere than on the plane, on the train, on a boat or even as a passenger in the car, for example.

Here is a model of inflatable pillow that is very popular online and that you can find right here:

Inflatable travel pillow

Inflatable travel pillow

  • Compact and easy to inflate travel pillow
  • Comfortable model for all types of travelers
  • For plane, car, train, bus, etc.

If you prefer a pillow that does not swell with even more support, we have another model of travel pillow to offer you. This is the J-Pillow travel pillow which provides support for the side of the head, for the back of the head, for the neck and even for the chin if you wish.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow

J-Pillow Travel Pillow

  • Premium quality travel pillow
  • Prevents the head from falling forward
  • Use on the go or at home

3. Where to sit on an airplane?

If you want to put the odds on your side to succeed in sleeping on a plane, you must of course choose the right seat and the right place on the plane.

If you are looking for a way to relax and sleep during your next plane flight, it is best to choose the back of the plane. Why the back of the plane? Simply because the noise is much less loud at the rear of an aircraft than at the wings or at the front of the aircraft. Also, if you have the choice when booking, choose the seat on the window side for even more tranquility in addition to having a beautiful view. ?

window side to sleep well on an airplane

4. A travel eye mask

Now that you have your travel pillow and the best seat on the plane, why not find a travel mask to promote sleep and relaxation?

There are several models and styles of eye masks, hence the importance of choosing the right one for you. An important criterion for good comfort during your plane trip is to find an obscuring and above all very soft eye mask.

We offer you below a model of travel mask that is well appreciated by travelers:

5. Read a book on the plane

Reading a book can certainly help you relax and even fall asleep on the plane. If it works well at home, in bed, then why not on a plane.

Reading a book will transport you to another universe during your plane flight. You will be calm and absorbed in your book. Your eyes will tire quickly and you will be more likely to fall asleep.

reading on the plane to fall asleep

6. Traveling at night to sleep well on the plane

Sleeping on a plane in broad daylight can be difficult, especially if it’s only been a few hours since you got out of bed.

If you have a choice of flight times then it is better to choose a flight that will take off in the evening close to your usual sleeping hours. It will thus be much easier to sleep on a plane if the flight takes off between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. than a flight that takes off, for example, at 7:00 a.m.

Another important point to promote sleep on the plane is to choose a direct flight, without stopovers. It is much more restful and relaxing to sleep a few hours without breaks than to sleep for short periods due to layovers. To help you sleep don’t forget our suggestions fortravel pillows and of eye masks.

travel by plane at night to sleep well

7. Comfortable clothes to sleep well

Whether for a long plane flight or a short flight of a few hours, it is better to wear comfortable clothes, especially if you want to rest during the flight. Difficult to relax and rest in a tie suit or with your new suit.

So before boarding your plane, take a few minutes to go and change in a cabin to dress in flexible, light and above all very comfortable clothing. So when it comes time to make yourself comfortable on the plane to sleep don’t forget to take off your shoes. What could be more unpleasant than trying to sleep with shoes on!

sleep on the plane with comfortable clothes

To help you sleep on the plane there are also travel kits which often include a travel pillow, an eye mask and plugs to camouflage the noises of the plane and other passengers.

Here is a complete and very popular travel kit:

3 in 1 travel kit

3 in 1 travel kit

  • Pillow, mask and travel cap
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Portable and easy to carry while traveling

8. Listen to music on the plane

If you just want to rest and minimize the noise around you during the plane flight then music is the solution. Most airlines lend passengers headphones to listen to movies or music.

If you really want to cut out sounds other than the music you want to listen to then why not bring your own headphones. Prefer earphones rather than small earphones which fall out of the ears too easily and which do not camouflage the surrounding noise sufficiently. So close your eyes and listen to that soft, relaxing music you brought on the plane.

For those who wish to purchase a top quality headset, here is a Bose model:

Bose Headphones 700

Bose Headphones 700

  • Ideal for music and for work
  • Stunning sound quality
  • Alexa and Google compatible
  • 20 hours of wireless battery life
  • Intuitive touch controls

9. Watch out for food and drink

Depending on the duration of the plane flight, the hosts and stewardesses should pass by to distribute meals and/or snacks. Unfortunately, certain foods and meal choices can cause bloating, which may affect your sleep during the trip.

Before boarding the plane, take the time to prepare some good healthy snacks. If you only had to bring one or two things on the plane then prefer nuts or some good soft granola bars for example.

granola bar to eat on a plane

10. Close the window flap and lower the seat

To promote sleep and relaxation during a day flight when the sun is very present, why not simply close the window shutter. If the passenger next to you is not happy then too bad for him! You have the right to want to sleep and rest, right?

In addition to the window, you can also lower the back of your seat while of course respecting the passengers located behind you in the other row. The goal is to be in a more lying position than sitting in order to promote sleep as much as possible during the flight.

close the window shutter to sleep on the plane

11. Let yourself be carried away by the trip

To fall asleep simply close your eyes and take advantage of this moment to relax, visualize your journey and mentally prepare yourself for what is to come. Open yourself to the adventure that is coming and dream of this beautiful journey that is beginning and you may fall asleep on these beautiful images.

Why not just relax on the plane…

Close your eyes, take deep breaths, focus, and let stress and anxiety drift away. Clear your head and connect with your core core energy.

Have a nice trip ?

If you also have trouble sleeping at home, in your bed, here are some other tips and advice to check out: Tips for sleeping.

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