How to slim thighs? Effective tips and exercises!

How to lose thighs fast? Many men and women want to lose weight in their thighs. Having beautiful thighs in a bathing suit or jeans is always very pleasant.

Today I am offering you some of the best tips to lose thigh and leg fat quickly and effectively.

1. Exercises to lose thigh weight

To have beautiful, firm and slender thighs, you must of course make them work. Several exercises and sports can be practiced to help you lose thigh weight effectively and quickly.

Jog or brisk walk

If you run or walk briskly several times a week, you will exercise your legs and thighs. Your thighs will quickly become firmer and slimmer.

Working her thighs in the pool

Working out your legs and thighs in the pool is a great idea. Water brings an additional difficulty since it offers resistance. You will have to work harder to be successful in your exercises. Do seated, standing or lying splits.

You can also jog in water, it’s a great exercise to work your thighs.

To go up the stairs

Climbing stairs is another great way to work out and slim down your thighs. To increase the level of difficulty, climb two or three steps at a time.

So rather than using the elevator at work, use the stairs, morning and evening.

Take your kids on a plane

If you have children, use them during your physical exercises! Lie on your back with your feet in the air and ask your children (one at a time of course) to board on your feet, lying on their stomachs. Make them go up and down repeatedly.

Your children will be satisfied and your thighs will work. Pay attention to your back though, it must be straight to avoid injury.

Stretching to slim your thighs

Leg and thigh stretches will help you slim down your thighs. Do stretches that will be accompanied by endurance movements and you will work your thighs effectively.

Cycling to slim thighs

Cycling is also a good sport that works the thighs! It’s so simple and fun as an activity, why not enjoy it with your children.

Climb walls, trees or ropes

It may seem excessive, but if you’re fit and a little daredevil style, do activities that require your thighs to work. Rock climbing puts a lot of effort on your legs and thighs. To climb trees or on a rope too, it is the legs, calves and thighs that work very hard.

Jump like a frog

Jump like a frog, taking care to bend and unbend your legs! Use your thighs to jump as high as possible.

2. Accessories to help you lose thighs

For some exercises you will need accessories to accentuate the physical effort.

Use weights and machines

If you have weight machines handy why not use them? There is one among others that is specially designed to work and refine the thighs.

You will need to open and close your legs by pulling or pushing weights. This will work your inner and outer thighs and even your butt!

Use rubber bands for her thighs

It involves buying stretch ropes or gym rubber bands and lying on your side and then doing leg splits (up and down). You can of course do this exercise without any props, but if you have one it will be good because you will have to force even more.

3. A good diet to lose thighs

How can you lose thighs if you don’t pay attention to your daily diet! So what to eat to lose thighs fast?

Cut salt from your diet:

Do you have a bad habit of eating salt? Salt is unfortunately not recommended because it causes an increase in water retention. Just cutting out the salt will help you lose thighs and buttocks.

Eat good fruits and vegetables:

In addition to being a good trick to refine the thighs, eating fruits and vegetables is excellent for your health in general, so why deprive yourself of it!

Here are some of the fruits and vegetables to favor to lose weight in the thighs:

  • bananas
  • spinach
  • strawberries and raspberries
  • grapefruit
  • zucchini
  • cucumbers
  • lemons, etc.

Drink lots of water…LOTS of water:

To fight against water retention in the thighs and to promote good drainage of the body, drinking plenty of water is essential. So drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water every day.

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