How to stop a dog from barking?

How to stop a dog from barking?

how to stop a dog barking?

It is completely normal for a dog to bark. There are many reasons for him to bark, but a dog can’t bark all the time, especially if you have neighbors.

Personally my Golden Doodle dog Billy yelps less and less for nothing! Here are anti-barking tips and tricks to prevent his dog from always yelping!

1. Does your dog bark at people?

How do you stop a dog from barking if he’s never in contact with people other than you and your little family? A dog that barks less at people is necessarily a social dog, don’t you think?

Get your dog used to people!

Indeed, a dog that is not very sociable and not used to being in contact with people is likely to bark more when strangers or people are near him or the house. To avoid always destabilizing your dog each time there are visitors or each time you go to the park, get him used to being in contact with people from a young age. This will make your dog less likely to bark at people and for nothing.

dog barking at people

2. An anti-bark dog collar that barks “too much”

Of course, if you live in town or the neighbors are starting to lose patience, you have to quickly find an effective and fast anti-barking solution. In this sense, the anti-yelping collar is perhaps a device to consider!?

There are several models of anti bark collars for dogs. These collars are meant to give a quick warning to the yapping dog. It is an effective and very fast anti-barking method to prevent your dog from barking at people and neighbors. Good models of dog collars generally have 3 types of signals:

  • « Beep » sound mode
  • vibration mode
  • Electric shock mode

As it is not always necessary to use the electric shock to prevent a dog from yelping here is a model with the 3 training modes. After several opinions and comments from Internet users, this model seems really effective in preventing a dog from barking even in sound and vibration mode.

Anti-bark training collar

Anti-bark training collar

  • 3 warning modes to prevent your dog from barking.
  • Device effectively to train a dog quickly.
  • Direct and unobstructed range of up to 300 meters

3. Stop a dog from barking with rewards

When it comes to dog training, reward is a very important part of success. So why not reward your dog when he listens well to his master?

The reward is a necessary evil to succeed in training your dog well and thus prevent him from yelping at people all the time and for no reason.

If you reward your dog for listening to you and stopping barking, he’ll be much more likely to stop barking quickly and without waiting for commands. When talking about a reward you must of course offer something attractive to the dog and not something he is used to having and seeing.

A reward to prevent his dog from barking

To successfully train your dog and prevent him from barking too much, cookies, treats, petting and toys can be a good idea.

4. Work on yelping dog obedience

The more obedient your dog will be, the easier it will be to silence him, to prevent him from yelping. With one word or one gesture your dog will obey you and he will stop barking. So before preventing your dog from barking at people, it is better to take a training and training course with your animal.

A barking dog gadget!

There are also dog training gadgets that can be effective in stopping a dog from always barking and other bad habits. For example, there is the clicker and whistle that can help train and calm your dog.

Here is a very inexpensive training ratchet model that allows you to train and train your dog not to bark, for example.

dog training clicker

dog training clicker

  • Effective and fast device for training a dog.
  • Easy to use for with rewards.
  • Includes a small dog training manual.

5. One and the same word to stop him yelping

A dog that barks a lot at people should not be reprimanded using different words and gestures each time. If you want it to be really effective and the dog to stop yelping quickly then you need to be clear and concise at all times.

So when a dog barks a lot get into the habit of always using the same word(s) to keep him from barking. It can be for example the word SILENCE, quite simply. You should quickly see an improvement after a few days or weeks.

6. Talk quietly to your dog

When your dog yelps and barks too loudly and you say your chosen word (eg SILENCE), say it quietly. First of all, your dog is not deaf. Then, he will pay more attention to what you say if you say it calmly and in a low voice.

A calm and authoritative voice!

Finally, if you have no choice but to demonstrate more authority by increasing the volume of the voice, you can do so. Also be careful not to speak aggressively. So a calm, low, and in full control voice is very important to warn a dog not to yelp at people.

7. Ignore the dog when he barks

You can try the approach of clearly saying the word SILENCE to your dog and immediately ignoring it. It’s usually effective for dogs that bark too easily and often for little reason.

Ignoring your dog when he barks is therefore a good idea, provided that your neighbors are not too close to your house! Otherwise you risk having problems with your dog and also with your neighbors. So be careful all the same with this trick, you have to be respectful with the neighborhood.

8. Surprise the dog

Always after saying SILENCE or the word of your choice, you can also whistle or throw something near him to surprise him. He will instantly stop barking as a surprise.

Be careful, however, not to make your dog stressed because of the object that you throw at him near him. After a few days if nothing changes and your dog continues to bark a lot then try another one of our tips or go for training collars.

9. Anticipate your dog’s barking

To stop a dog from barking, you still need to know what are the causes and the situations that cause the dog to bark like this. So be careful to prevent when your dog will start yelping. As soon as he is about to do it, immediately tell him not to do it; SILENCE.

You will quickly notice after a few days or weeks that your dog’s barking is much rarer.

Now that you know how to stop a dog from barking, come and discover our tips for calming it down in this article: How to calm an overly excited dog?

10. An ultrasound device for barking dogs

Did you know that there are also anti-barking devices that work with ultrasound? Until recently, 10 Tips offered an ultrasound device to be hung in the garden. Unfortunately, following negative reviews and comments from customers, we decided to remove it from

As we attach great importance to the comments of our visitors and online reviews, we prefer to drop this anti-barking product. If we hear of a new effective barking dog device, we will come and offer it to you on this page at this time.

Thank you for your understanding!

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