How to stop being afraid of insects?

How to stop being afraid of insects?

Trick against fear and phobia of insects

Many people are afraid of insects! Entomophobia which is actually the phobia of insects is something that is not easy to overcome unfortunately.

So, before this infernal insect phobia becomes a real handicap in everyday life, here are some tips and tricks to stop being afraid of insects!

1. Learn about insects

Whether it is for you or for a child who is afraid of insects one of the first things to do is to read and learn about insects.

Familiarizing yourself with the world of insects is a first step to being less afraid of insects!

Whether it’s by browsing websites on the world of insects, by reading information books on these critters or by watching videos or documentaries! This is an excellent first thing to do to overcome or at least reduce this phobia of insects!

And yes, it’s a fact, when we know a subject better, we then tend to fear it less, this is the case with insects!

2. Don’t panic when you see bugs!

If your child is afraid of insects it is very important not to panic in front of insects as a parent and an adult, because you risk passing on this insect phobia to the child.

As you know, children imitate the behavior of older children, especially parents, so control yourself in the presence of insects and you will quickly notice a difference in your child.

Comfort your child!

If you see that your child is afraid of an insect, approach him, talk to him gently and try to explain why this insect is safe for him. Use a little humor and why not use this famous phrase: Small beasts don’t eat big ones

3. Not all insects bite!

Children, but also many adults mistakenly think that all insects bite… But no! It is certain that a wasp sting, we remember it for a long time, especially when we are small is not it!

Rare are crawling and flying insects that sting such as wasps, bumblebees, mosquitoes and certain fire ants. This is why it is important to become familiar with the life of insects using books and documentaries, for example.

Explain why some insects sting and others bite!

Take the time to explain to the child who is afraid of insects why some insects sting and others bite. Teach him the importance of these insects such as the benefits of bees on our life and environment.

4. Do you have ladybug phobia?

In the spring during the first warm days and in the fall when the heat returns, many ladybugs want to enter the house and invade the balcony and then the terrace!

As with other insects, so as not to be afraid of ladybugs, you have to tame them and read about them. Why are they so numerous? Why do they come into the house in the fall? In short, learn more about the life of ladybugs to be less afraid!

Ladybugs eat aphids!

Did you know that the vast majority of ladybug species do not feed on plants, so you don’t have to be afraid for your plants and flowers. On the contrary, ladybugs will help you get rid of the aphids that attack your plants.

Ladybug repellent and trap!

Of course, if you really have a phobia of ladybugs, it is better to try to keep them away and eliminate them from the house, especially if they like the comfort of your interior. Here’s my other article to help you get rid of them: Grandma’s Ladybug Remedy.

5. Have fun with bugs…

It’s certainly not the easiest thing to do, but if you can do it you can definitely say that you are no longer afraid of insects!

Yes, but with which insect?

I don’t advise you to play with insects that sting and bite easily, but some insects are easier to approach and pick up than others. When I was little I liked to take in my hands caterpillars and ladybugs that I observed walking and moving. A good way to learn more about certain insects!

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