How to stop biting your nails?

How to stop biting your nails?

How to stop biting your nails?

Nail biting is common among many people, but unfortunately it is a very bad habit. By habit or because of stress, you really have to avoid biting your nails.

Here are some grandma’s tips, items and recipes to stop biting your nails once and for all.

1. Why bite your nails?

Before explaining my various tips and tricks to stop biting your nails, it is important to find the source and the cause of why you bite your nails.


Nail biting is called onychophagia. Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from it, nearly one person in two or three depending on the country where you live.

Here are some causes and sources of this problem:

  • Because of a problem at work.
  • School-related stress
  • Following a love affair
  • New diet and/or dietary change
  • Because you quit smoking cigarettes, etc.

Whether it’s because of stress, anxiety, hunger or a bad habit, you must quickly stop biting your nails, because you risk weakening the nails and even having infections, so be careful.

2. Nail polish so you don’t bite your nails

A first trick or rather product to stop biting your nails is a special varnish!

A bitter nail polish!

It is a nail polish with a very bitter taste that discourages young and old alike from biting their nails or putting their fingers in their mouths.

Here is one available on Amazon that is suitable for both kids and adults:

bitter nail polish

bitter nail polish

  • Stops the urge to bite your nails.
  • Both for children and adults.
  • Nail polish with very bitter taste

3. Grandma’s recipe to stop nail biting

If you don’t want to spend money buying bitter polish then some products and ingredients found at home can also be used.

Here are some natural products that can be applied to the nails:

  • lemon juice
  • White vinegar
  • strong mustard

It may not be very practical, but after a few days and attempts, you should be less inclined to bite your nails thanks to this trick.

4. Use false nails and manicure

If you want a dissuasive solution to prevent you from biting your nails, then putting on false nails or even a pretty manicure can be a good solution.

Getting a manicure:

Having flawless nails won’t tempt you to bite them, because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful manicure. Whether at home or at the beautician, you will certainly not dare to put your fingers in your mouth anymore thanks to the manicure.

Getting fake nails:

The installation of false and long acrylic nails will put an end to this bad habit that is onychophagy. I’ve tried it myself and not only are the acrylic nails not chewable because they’re too hard, but they look so pretty that biting into them is inconceivable. For me, it put a definitive end to this bad habit and my natural nails started to grow again.

5. Chew sugar-free gum

If you like putting things in your mouth such as your fingers and nails then you have to keep it busy!

So always keep a packet of chewing gum with you and as soon as you feel like biting your nails, chew some gum.

Eat unsweetened foods and beverages!

You can also eat foods such as crackers, raw vegetables or even drink a sugar-free beverage. Oh yes, and why not replace the chewing gum with a licorice root which is natural and without added sugar.

6. Occupy your hands and fingers

I know that the temptation to bite your nails can be very great, but you have to resist! And one way to resist putting your fingers in your mouth is to keep your hands and fingers busy!

Here are some ideas to occupy your hands and create a diversion:

  • Play with a stress ball.
  • Play with a rubber band.
  • Handle small objects.
  • Play with a Rubik’s cube.
  • Knit or even make bracelets.
  • Draw, color or write, etc.

7. Bandage on fingertip

Certainly not the most aesthetic thing, but the bandage trick can really help you stop eating your nails!

If only one of your fingers is the target of your mouth attacks, why not put a bandage on the finger in question. You will only chew on the dressing and keep your nail intact.

But be careful, if you start biting the nail of another finger, it is better to try another trick, because having bandages on all your fingers may not be the best idea, is it?

8. Have short, rounded nails

If you want to avoid biting your nails, a simple and effective trick is to keep them short and round. In addition to being more difficult to bite, your nails will have a better chance of growing well and, above all, of growing healthy.

A nail clipper and a nail file!

Always have a nail file and nail clipper handy. Whenever you feel like biting your nails, simply file them down. The attention will still be on your nails, but it will be much less harmful than biting your nails.

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