How to stop runny nose?

How to stop runny nose? Having a runny nose is really not very pleasant. Not only is it unpleasant but also very irritating for our poor nose, not to mention the little red-nosed reindeer look conferred by our bruised nose and runny nose.

So how do you stop the runny nose and breathe in the fresh air without looking like a clown straight out of a loot box? 10 Tips presents the top tips, remedies and products to stop a runny nose.

1. Stop runny nose with steam

How to stop runny nose? Another free home remedy for runny nose and stuffy nose is hot steam. Steam is very effective at quickly clearing the sinuses and helping to flush out excess mucus in the nose.

An effective method is to heat water in a saucepan and breathe in the hot steam from the water. All you have to do is place your head above the water with a towel and breathe in the inhalations to unblock the nostrils.

But be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water and steam.

To make it even more effective as a remedy, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Here is a quality eucalyptus oil at a great price:

eucalyptus essential oil

eucalyptus essential oil

  • 100% pure essential oil for therapeutic use
  • Ideal for relieving colds, flu and runny nose
  • Can also be used with a diffuser

2. Irrigator and saline water for stuffy nose

As it is possible that a runny nose is due to an infection, a cold or allergies, cleaning the nose with a saline solution remains very effective as a tip.

To do this, take one part cooled boiled water to one part salt. This natural remedy will get rid of the infection and quickly stop the runny nose. This trick is also very useful for unblock the nose or at least in part.

To clean the sinuses and thus stop the runny nose or to unclog the nose you can buy a nasal irrigator like this one:

If you prefer to make your own saline water here are some recipes right here: Homemade saline water recipe.

3. Natural remedy for runny nose based on echinacea

How to stop runny nose naturally? Echinacea, do you know this plant or rather this flower?

If you are looking for a natural trick to quickly stop a runny nose but also to stop a cold, then here is an easy home remedy based on echinacea.

Make an echinacea tea:

  • Boil water in a saucepan.
  • Add 2 g of dried echinacea roots.
  • Let the solution infuse for 10 to 15 minutes.

This home remedy should be consumed 3 or 4 times a day to stop having a runny nose but also to help cure the common cold.

You can also use this infusion at the first symptoms to avoid having a runny nose like water or to simply prevent the onset of a cold.

If you often catch colds or other winter ailments, echinacea tincture is a good tip to prevent colds, coughs and runny noses.

So to prevent a runny nose and other winter ailments here is echinacea tincture:

Echinacea tincture

Echinacea tincture

  • A great natural ally for the body
  • Helps with colds, flu and runny nose.
  • Ideal against winter ailments

4. Homeopathy to stop runny nose

There are a thousand and one ways to stop a runny nose and homeopathy is one of them! But what to take to end the runny nose?

Homeopathic granules like those of Allium Cepa are very effective in controlling and stopping runny nose quickly.

It is enough to take it three to four times a day to massively stop the runny nose without having you swallow chemicals as is often the case with other remedies.

How and why to use homeopathy to stop runny nose:

  • Clear runny nose and irritated and red nose contour: Allium Cepa 5CH
  • Runny yellow and liquid nose: Hydrastis 5CH
  • Clear nasal discharge with lots of sneezing: NUX Vomica 9CH
  • Greenish and thick runny nose: Kalium Bichromium 9CH

5. Grandma’s Remedy for Runny Nose

If you love natural remedies to heal and relieve various ailments and health issues then mustard is an ingredient to have around the house.

Indeed, mustard can quickly decongest a stuffy nose in addition to effectively relieve runny nose.

Here is what it takes to prepare this grandmother’s remedy:

  • 2 table spoons of mustard powder.
  • 2 table spoon of white flour.
  • Mix the ingredients and add water to form a malleable paste.
  • Apply a damp towel to the chest and apply the mixture to the towel and leave to act.

If you feel any itching or burning sensation you should immediately remove this mustard remedy from the skin.

remedy for runny nose with mustard and flour

6. Stop Runny Nose Naturally With Garlic

Did you know that garlic is a food with many properties and benefits for general health? If you have a runny nose from a cold then run quickly to the supermarket to buy garlic cloves!

Indeed, as garlic is a powerful natural antiseptic, it is an excellent ally against colds and runny nose. Just put a clove of garlic in your mouth and inhale the vapors.

Be careful because the taste of garlic is very strong and pronounced so don’t forget to have a large glass of water by your side.

It is important to keep the garlic in the mouth for as long as possible to allow the garlic vapor to properly travel to the throat and nose. This trick should be repeated several times during the day so that it is really effective against a runny nose!

7. A mint infusion to stop runny nose

Another home remedy that makes you feel better quickly is mint tea. In addition to being effective against a runny nose, this trick is perfect for quickly feeling better after a cold or the flu.

How to prepare this mint infusion:

  • Boil water and add fresh mint as soon as the water boils.
  • Add honey or maple syrup to sweeten the infusion.
  • Drink the mint infusion when you wake up and before bedtime.

You can also breathe in the vapors when the water boils. However, be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water and vapors.

8. Buy a home air purifier

To eliminate the allergens responsible for your cough, runny nose and itchy eyes in the house, the air purifier is an interesting device.

Of course, depending on your budget and the size of the rooms in the house, you will have to make a choice accordingly.

Nevertheless and its team of testers offers you a quality air purifier model at an excellent price. Avoid compact models for small rooms because you may be disappointed.

Air purifier, Rowenta

Air purifier, Rowenta

  • High quality and high efficiency air purifier
  • To purify and eliminate allergens in the air
  • Eliminates up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles

9. Blow your nose, blow your nose and blow your nose again!

It may seem obvious, but it is extremely important to blow your nose as long as your nose is running!

Don’t get into the bad habit of sniffling because you risk turning the runny nose into something more serious like a nasty cold.

You know what happens when you spend your time sniffing… You swallow your secretions and therefore the virus that can be found there, thus favoring the establishment of a bad rum. So what do we do? WE’RE BLOWING UP!

Of course if your nose is very irritated and red perhaps it would be wise to stop blowing your nose or at least decrease the frequency. Instead, prefer a sinus washout with a nasal irrigator and saline solution as suggested earlier in this article.

If you have a very irritated nose, I highly recommend reading these tips and tricks: Grandmother’s remedy for irritated nose.

10. Allergic rhinitis, which remedy to choose?

When you have a runny nose, you often think of the start of a cold, but have you thought about allergies?

Allergic rhinitis is very common in people of all ages. Nose running like a faucet and itchy eyes is how to recognize allergic rhinitis.

Symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis:

  • Constantly runny nose
  • Very itchy eyes
  • Tickling in the nose
  • Small dry cough and even greasy at times
  • Eye tearing and irritation

So to quickly treat or rather control seasonal rhinitis caused by hay fever or pollen you can opt for a antihistamine drug. This treatment quickly stops a runny nose and other unwanted symptoms.

seasonal rhinitis and runny nose

11. Post nasal drip, what treatment?

Have you ever heard of post nasal drip? You know that feeling of too much mucus in the back of the throat… A really unpleasant feeling which of course causes a runny nose but which can also cause a bad sore throat or a little less serious, a cough.

The first thing to do is to find the cause of this post nasal drip, which is often an allergen present in the house, and to eliminate it or at least control it.

  • Animal hair.
  • Dust
  • The molds
  • Plants and flowers (pollen)

If it’s not already done why not do thebuying a home air purifier. It’s a great way to control and eliminate airborne allergens to quickly stop a runny nose.

If you are also looking for tips for cleaning baby’s nose during a cold, for example, quickly read this article: How to unclog baby’s nose naturally?

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