How to store cucumbers longer?

The best trick to keep cucumbers fresh!

Do you have a garden and have just harvested your first cucumber harvest? If you have several cucumbers and don’t want to eat them all today, here’s a trick that really works.

10 Tips presents the best trick to keep cucumbers in the garden longer.

1. Steps for storing cucumbers in the refrigerator:

How to store cucumbers longer

Small and large cucumbers… It works!

This storage trick works well with all types of cucumbers, from small to large. The 10 Tips team tested this trick with small, pickle-style cucumbers, and the freshness lasts even longer in the fridge than longer cucumbers.

Peel the cucumbers:

Before placing the cucumber slices in an airtight dish, you must peel each of the cucumbers, otherwise the conservation may simply be ineffective.

Don’t forget the paper towel!

Once the cucumbers have been washed and peeled, you must slice them and place them in an airtight dish. Once the container is full, simply place a paper towel on top of the dish, close it and turn it over. This way the paper towel will absorb all the moisture from the cucumber slices. It is thanks to the paper towel that the cucumbers will stay fresh and crunchy longer in the refrigerator.

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