How to store pot lids?

How to store pot lids?

Storage ideas for pot lids

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1. A lid rack to be fixed behind a kitchen cabinet door

A first tip for storing and organizing your pan lids in the kitchen is to install a support or rack behind the door where you store your pans and pots.

Although there are « racks » sold specifically for storing lids, you can use racks made for other things just fine. Here are some ingenious storage ideas to test in your kitchen:

You can also buy and install this hanging model directly inside one of your kitchen cabinets:

Lid hook

Lid hook

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Installs in different places.
  • Ideal for saving space in your kitchen.

2. Adhesive hooks to store pot lids

A super simple and easy trick to do in your kitchen to store your pot lids is to use adhesive hooks.

You know those hooks we use to hang frames and other decorative items without drilling holes in the wall and why not use them in your kitchen? Here’s how to do this trick in your kitchen:

Adhesive hooks for hanging pot lids in kitchen cabinets

3. Use a dish drainer as lidded storage

Already have a dish drainer at home to dry your dishes on the counter?

Well why not use it to store pot lids? Just place the drainer in a cupboard to turn it into lid storage like this:

A drainer as storage for cutlery and pot lids

You can also opt for a dish drainer and a lid rack at the same time like this one:

Storage Lids

Storage Lids

  • Drainer and storage in one.
  • Allows you to dry and store 6 lids.
  • Ideal for organizing your kitchen cabinets.

4. A wall-mounted lid and pan organizer

If you like the modern style and where the various accessories, cutlery and utensils are displayed in a kitchen then a wall organizer can be a good idea.

A magnetic bar to stick these lids and utensils on, a perforated board to install pots, pans and lids and many other original storage ideas for the kitchen.

A wall pegboard to install lids and pans:

A magnetic bar for storing lids:

To discover all these storage ideas and many more for storing and organizing your lids, cutlery, utensils and pots in your kitchen cabinets, visit our Pinterest board.

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