How to straighten a garment without an iron?

How to straighten a shirt? Clothes wrinkle easily and unfortunately it can be frowned upon to go out wearing clothes that are wrinkled, finally for many people.

Fortunately, there are little tips and tricks against wrinkled clothes. 10 Tips presents its best tips and top products for smoothing clothes. Happy ironing friends! ?

1. Decrease clothes in the dryer

Did you know that it was possible and quick to straighten laundry directly in the dryer? Here is a super simple and quick trick to quickly straighten a garment directly in your dryer, at home.

Of course you have to be careful because some shirts or other fragile clothes and fabrics can be damaged because of the hot air that is released in the dryer.

Here is how to achieve this machine garment steaming:

  • Place a damp towel in the dryer
  • Remove the crumpled shirt (or other clothes) afterwards
  • Start the machine and let it run for a few minutes (set the machine to low temperature if possible)

Leave in the dryer for about 5 minutes to remove any wrinkles from the shirt or other wrinkled clothes. Check from time to time to be sure not to overheat the clothes at the risk of damaging them and even burning them (hence the importance of setting the temperature at a low temperature so as not to damage the fabric)

straighten a shirt in the dryer

2. A steamer to straighten a shirt

Whether at home or on a trip, a shirt can quickly become wrinkled. This is why the purchase of a steamer can quickly become essential to steam shirts and clothes. It is an excellent product to quickly remove creases from wrinkled pants, shirts and other clothing.

There are several models of clothes steamers, some more efficient and effective than others. 10 Tips offers you below a portable and light model that will allow you to easily de-crease the laundry thanks to steam.

Take the time to read the reviews and comments before placing an order, you will quickly understand why this product is essential for quickly removing wrinkles from your clothes.



  • Quickly and easily uncreases laundry
  • Perfect for smoothing out your shirts while traveling
  • Powerful steam even eliminates bad odors

3. Hang the wrinkled garment in the shower

Do you know the shower trick to smooth out clothes? The best way to smooth a garment is undoubtedly humidity. So for cotton, linen, wool or silk clothing, the humidity in a shower and a bathroom is ideal against wrinkled clothing and to remove wrinkles.

For this trick you need:

  • Run hot water in your shower
  • As soon as there is steam, turn off the water
  • Hang the crumpled shirt or other item of clothing in the shower
  • Close the bathroom door

Leave the clothes to be steamed in the bathroom for 15 to 30 minutes for a good smoothing of the fabric.

straighten clothes in the shower

4. How about a simple iron? ?

Of course, the simplest and most effective way to smooth out creases, straighten and remove wrinkles from a garment is to use an iron. Nowadays there are very good models of irons and above all with excellent value for money, nothing to do with our old models from a long time ago!

10 Tips offers you below a model of Philips brand iron. A small model that’s not too expensive and ridiculously effective for quickly smoothing out creased shirts or trousers.

Iron, Philips

Iron, Philips

  • Steam boost up to 200g
  • Very fast temperature rise
  • Descaling function for long life

To be effective, the iron must be well cleaned and maintained! Come and read our tips on this subject: How to clean the soleplate of the iron?

5. Use a steam generator… Better than the “simple” iron

The steam generator is no more and no less than a luxury iron for ironing your clothes quickly and efficiently. The real difference between the good old iron and the steam generator is that the latter uses a lot more steam.

No wrinkles will resist the power of this device! Do you still have doubts about whether to buy a steam generator? For your clothes ironing this really is the best purchase you can make. Just read the reviews and comments online to quickly realize the real benefits of this device.

10 Tips offers you below a model from the Philips brand that is very popular with our visitors:

6. Straighten a shirt with a flat iron

An iron, a steam generator or a garment steamer can take up a lot of space in your travel luggage, right? If you don’t want to bring such a device on your next trip why not use your wife’s flat iron?

And yes, the flat iron will act as an iron, perfect for straightening a shirt or other garment. Of course, you won’t be able to straighten an entire garment, but only part of it. Be careful though not to burn the fabric of your beautiful shirt with this trick, you have been warned!

The straightener, a practical and quick little trick to quickly remove a crease on a shirt when you don’t have an iron at hand.

straighten a shirt with a flat iron

Have you ever thought of using a hair dryer to de-wrinkle a shirt or other clothes at home? As surprising as it may seem, the hair dryer is an effective accessory for removing creases from clothing. Here’s how:

  • Hang the crumpled shirt on a hanger
  • Slightly wet the creases to be removed on your linen
  • Pass the hair dryer a few centimeters from the shirt

Wrinkles on your shirt or garment will quickly smooth out with the heat. A super simple and quick tip for home or even on the go if you don’t have an iron in your luggage.

straighten a shirt with a hair dryer

8. A warm, damp towel

What! You still haven’t found the perfect trick to de-wrinkle all your clothes easily? A damp towel is all you need for this trick.

  • Lay a warm, damp towel over the wrinkled garment
  • With your hands, smooth the garment to remove creases
  • Repeat as needed for more stubborn creases

Little simple and very effective trick for a creased shirt and especially safe for delicate clothes.

wet towel to smooth out a garment

9. Concoct a special anti-creasing recipe

If you like to test grandmother’s remedies then here is just for you a recipe that should be useful for you for steaming clothes. You need for this solution:

  • 100ml liquid fabric softener
  • 100ml white vinegar
  • 200ml lukewarm cold water

Pour the 3 liquids into a spray bottle and then spray the garment to quickly smooth it out. It’s really great as an anti-wrinkle remedy! Be careful, however, with delicate fabrics so as not to damage them with this trick, you have been warned!

10. A cauldron of boiling water

If you don’t have an iron at home or a straightener then boiling water can be another solution to try for your wrinkled clothes. For this trick you will need:

  • Boil water in a cauldron
  • Hang the crumpled garment above the cauldron
  • Let the hot steam smooth out the garment

The steam will smooth the fabric of your shirt or other garment quickly.

Be careful, however, not to burn yourself with boiling water or even damage your clothing because of the heat given off by the round of the oven.

boiling water to remove creases

11. Wrap the garment in a damp towel

Much like the last tips and tricks presented above, this other trick requires the power of water and humidity to remove wrinkles from your clothes. So to de-crease without an iron, here’s what you can do with a large towel:

  • Wet a bath or beach towel
  • Spread the towel on a flat surface (directly on the parquet)
  • Place the crumpled garment on top
  • Wrap the towel and the garment tightly and leave to act for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes check the garment to make sure all wrinkles are gone. Leave on longer for a very creased shirt.

12. Make a homemade clothes iron

How to make a homemade iron to straighten a garment quickly? If you absolutely have to iron a shirt or pants to remove a very visible crease, we may have the solution for you.

  • Boil water in a saucepan
  • After a few minutes, remove half of the water in the pan
  • Pass the lower part of the cauldron over the crumpled garment

It is very important to make relatively quick movements so as not to burn or damage the fabric of your garment.

If you have a delicate garment, it is better to invest in the purchase of a real iron or even a steamer.

13. Put the garment in the freezer

If you have a really wrinkled item of clothing and you don’t know what to do with it, then we have the perfect tip for you… The cold from the freezer!

And yes, just put the crumpled garment in the freezer for about 2 to 3 hours. Then take it out and you will find that it is almost all smoothed out.

You can also pair this trick with ironing. You will find that it is much easier and faster to de-wrinkle a garment that has just been taken out of the freezer.

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