How to take good care of a dog?

How to take good care of a dog?

Tips and tricks for taking care of a dog

Owning a dog means taking care of it. Indeed, for him to be happy and healthy, it is important to meet his different needs, physical and emotional.

But, for lack of time or experience, it can be difficult to successfully take care of your four-legged friend. Here are 11 tips for taking good care of your dog.

1. Feed your dog

To be fit, a dog needs to be fed. But be careful, because the choice of food is important. You should not give your dog poor quality ingredients. It could harm his health.

To stay fit, a dog needs protein. « We must therefore favor foods that contain ingredients of animal origin » specifies G.Vandekerkhove of the canine site On the other hand, sweets must remain exceptional.

Beware, some foods are harmful to dogs: chocolate, avocado, onion, grapes or even macadamia nuts.

2. Control meal frequency

Feeding a dog with quality food is good, but you still have to know when to feed it. A puppy needs to eat three times a day. As an adult, two meals a day are enough.

It’s all about bringing enough food. To know it, just look on the food packet or, even better, ask the veterinarian for advice.

3. Bring enough water

A dog needs to eat and drink. Water is essential to its well-being. The dog must have access to drinking water at all times.

During walks in hot weather, you should always remember to bring water for your dog.

4. Educate him well

Like any animal, a dog must be educated. You have to teach him the basic rules. The most important is cleanliness. The dog must learn from an early age to be clean and to relieve himself outside.

But he must also be taught to respond to his name, to remain calm, not to bite… Education requires time and patience, but it is essential for the animal’s good balance.

5. Wash your dog

This allows the dog to get rid of all the dirt present on his coat. Use a shampoo suitable for dogs. The frequency of baths will depend on the activity of the dog and its breed.

If the dog is regularly outdoors, it will need to be washed more frequently than a dog used to living indoors.

6. Brush your dog

To remove knots and all dead hair, it is important to brush your dog regularly. Rid of its dead hair, the dog will find a beautiful coat.

This time will also be an opportunity to check that the dog is not infested with fleas or other parasites such as ticks.

7. Trim claws

Dogs’ paws are fragile, so care must be taken. The dog’s claws must be trimmed using nail clippers. However, be careful not to cut the nail too short.

You have to stop before the pink/red part. The latter corresponds to the vein. Severing the vein will cause the dog to bleed and he will have a bad memory of this moment.

8. Have your dog followed by a veterinarian

The dog must be monitored by a veterinarian. It is this professional who will take care of his health, his vaccinations, his treatments… It is important to find someone you trust.

He will be able to provide advice on taking care of the animal, depending on its breed. In an emergency, do not hesitate to contact a veterinarian on duty.

9. Take out pet insurance

To meet the health expenses of your dog, it is wise to take out animal insurance. This takes care of a large part, if not all of the expenses if the dog falls ill, is injured, takes treatment…

10. Playing with your dog

A dog likes to play. It’s a way to spend time with your master, to develop your mind but also to spend yourself. For the well-being of the animal, it is necessary to multiply the types of games.

Some must allow him to play alone, in the absence of his master. Others must stimulate his spirit. There are games where the dog has to find a solution to get food.

11. Socialize your dog

To be happy, a dog needs to meet other dogs and other humans. There are many occasions, especially during walks. The dog must be accustomed from an early age to be in contact with many people. This will allow him to know various sounds, places, smells… Little by little, the dog will get used to it and will no longer be afraid of the outside world.

All these tips are essential to take good care of your dog. They make it possible to meet their different needs.

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