How to tie a scarf and wear a scarf?

Do you know how to wear a large scarf?

There are several ways to wear and tie a scarf. With the cold weather coming, are you going to buy yourself a new scarf to protect your neck from the cold?
Today I present to you some practical tips and even videos to finally know how to tie a scarf or a large scarf.

Tips for properly tying a scarf this fall:

The best tip for knowing how to wear a scarf properly is to watch tutorials and videos. You may already know it, but 10-Trucs recently made an agreement with the popular site Coin-Beauté in order to recover the rights to these beauty and fashion videos! ?

So here is a first video where Cynthia Dulude explains several ways to tie and wear a scarf.

2. 25 ways to tie a scarf

Want even more ideas for how to tie and wear a scarf? In this video of just over 4 minutes you will find a total of 25 ways to wear a scarf. Among the proposed methods you will discover among others:

  • The bunny ear
  • The double rainbow
  • The classic drape
  • The celebrity
  • The waterfall

3. How to wear a large scarf?

If you like to wear big and big scarves to protect yourself from the cold in winter or even in the fall, then these 6 simple steps will be very useful to you!

Here are the 6 steps to tie a large square scarf:

tie a large square scarf in 6 easy steps

Image source:

The snood you know? In fact the snood is only the name given to the scarf or the tube or tubular scarf if you prefer.

There are only 2 ways to wear the nood scarf either you simply pass it around your neck and let it fall or you take a turn to have 2 layers and thus keep your neck warm.

Here is a photo that shows well the two ways of wearing a tubular scarf:

wear a nood scarf

image source:

5. 4 more ways to tie a scarf

I don’t know about you but I love shopping at Winners and recently I came across their blog where it’s all about the blanket scarf!

If you like very large scarves then the blanket scarf is certainly the fashionable and trendy accessory to have this fall.

You will discover 4 ways to wear this large scarf:

  • The single knot
  • The drape over the shoulder
  • The double loop
  • The belted style

Here are the pictures of these 4 ways to tie the blanket scarf:

For all the steps in detail, it’s over here:

The scarf is a fashion accessory for both women and men. Only the way of wearing or rather of tying the scarf can change from one person to another.

So if you’re a man and don’t really know how to wear a headscarf, then I just found a great video to help you.

Ideas for tying the scarf according to the coat you wear:

  • the double loop
  • single loop
  • the classic drape
  • the Parisian knot
  • the ascot knot

7. 11 ideas for wearing a scarf in a man

Also for men, here is an infographic to keep at home that shows you step by step how to tie and wear a scarf.

In all, these are 11 ideas and ways to wear the scarf! Classic, clean, sporty and more casual styles for tying a scarf. So what’s your favorite style?

how to tie a scarf for a man

Other ideas for wearing a scarf here:

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