How to trap a spider in the house?

How to trap a spider in the house?

How to catch a spider in the house?

I don’t know about you, but I really have a spider phobia! Big or small, I hate to see a spider walking around the house!

So here are some of my best homemade tricks and traps to trap and get rid of spiders easily.

1. Gadget to trap a spider in the house

Before moving on to homemade tricks and natural traps, here is a really effective gadget for trapping spiders: The Spider Catcher.

spider catcher

spider catcher

  • Designed to easily catch spiders around the house.
  • Gadget to trap a spider and without touching it.
  • Gently captures without crushing or hurting the spiders.

This product (a similar product) I tested it during a trip and I really appreciated its simplicity of use (it really works) to catch the big spider that was walking on the floor of the bathroom!

2. Spider repellent with white vinegar

spider repellent with white vinegar

the White vinegar is a good ally in the house for household chores, but also to get rid of insects including spiders. Here’s how to make this natural repellent:

  1. Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and lukewarm water.
  2. Find places where spiders roam (usually along windows and doors)
  3. Spray the vinegar and water mixture in the various places.
  4. Repeat regularly, especially if there are many spiders in the house.

You can also clean your window and door frames from time to time with a cloth and vinegar to prevent spiders from coming back into the house.

3. Natural repellent with tomato leaves

Another natural repellent to drive away spiders from the house is to use tomato leaves.

Here’s how to do this spider trick:

  1. Collect several tomato leaves from the garden.
  2. Thread each of the tomato leaves with a needle and thread.
  3. Hang tomato leaves in corners of rooms and near exterior doors and windows.

Remember to change the tomato leaves regularly so that this trick remains effective longer against spiders.

Also use mint leaves!

Just like tomato leaves, spiders don’t like the smell of mint and they quickly move away from it. So it is another natural repellent to get rid of spiders inside and outside the house.

4. Keep spiders away with cedar

There are many natural tricks and traps against spiders and one of them is cedar.

Just place pieces of cedar all over the house:

  • in the drawers.
  • in wardrobes.
  • on window sills.
  • under the kitchen cabinets.
  • near exterior doors.

You can also purchase cedar balls which are effective against moths, spiders, silverfish and other pests in a home.

5. Diatomaceous earth, a natural spider insecticide

One product we hear a lot about is Diatomaceous Earth. It is actually a biological insecticide that can act as a repellent to ward off several types of insects including spiders.

Diatomaceous earth can be used against several insects such as:

  • red spiders
  • bed bugs
  • acarians
  • the earwigs
  • lice and aphids
  • the ants
  • cockroaches, etc.

No matter what insect you want to eliminate, here is a quality Diatomaceous Earth that you can use to get rid of spider mites and other types of spiders in the house.

diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth

  • Anti spider, lice, ticks, cockroaches and bed bugs.
  • Natural product without chemical insecticide and without danger.
  • Natural and effective pest control.

6. Trick to keep spiders away from the house

Now that you know the best tricks and traps against spiders, everything must be done to prevent them from coming back into the house.

Here are some simple and effective tips to do:

  • Beware of humidity: A very humid house is likely to attract spiders, which particularly like damp environments.
  • A clean house: dust, food residues and other dirt can attract spiders, but also other unwanted insects.
  • Attention to lighting: whether to ward off spiders or other pests, it is important to limit night lighting as much as possible.
  • Beware of firewood: if you are used to tucking firewood into the house, basement, or stringing it very close to the house, be careful, as spiders are often present there in large numbers.
  • Properly caulking the house: spiders are no different from other insects they often enter through holes and cracks in walls. Also check the seals on doors and windows.

7. Anti-spider tips and products to avoid

Here are some tricks, products, and repellents that don’t work very well for catching or keeping spiders away:

  • Ultrasonic repellent: There are ultrasonic devices online to keep animals and insects away. They are especially effective against rodents and small animals, but not against spiders and unwanted insects.
  • Destroy cobwebs: destroying cobwebs is an easy trick, but not so effective, because the spider will quickly weave its web again.

I’m not saying that these tips and products don’t work against spiders, but they are much less effective than other tips suggested in this article.

8. A really effective spider repellent!

If you really have a big problem with spiders then better use a real product!

Reading the reviews and comments online, this spider spray is certainly an excellent choice to make if you do not want to try the other natural tips and traps in this article.

Spider spray

Spider spray

  • Effectively eliminates spiders in the house.
  • Product that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Long-range spray, so easy to use!

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