How to turn a tree stump into furniture?

How to turn a tree stump into furniture?

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will love these new tips. Wood is a noble material, which lasts over time. So easy to get: forest, park, Facebook, online… Raw wood is extremely trendy for a natural and original look.

10 Tips offers you below a panoply of ideas and tips to quickly transform a tree stump into furniture for the home. Happy DIY!

  • Patience is the key! Once you find a stump, be sure to store it in a dry, elevated place on a pallet, for example. If the trunk is freshly cut, ideally wait 12 to 24 months for it to bark naturally.
  • Turn the trunk or stump from time to time so that it dries evenly.
  • Once dried, gently remove the peels.
  • Brush the stump with an aquarethane sealer or apply a wood wax or oil. Your base is ready, you just have to let your creativity fly.

2. Creating a table from a stub

Ideally you should find a stump large enough and cut the base to make your table as stable as possible.

  • Be sure to sand the wood well and treat it so that it lasts over time and adapts to your interior.
  • Prune the stump to give it the desired shape. You can buy a glass top second-hand or at a specialty DIY store.
  • The tray should be wider than your stump to optimize its stability.
  • First you need to create a horizontal plane with contact points.
  • You will need double-sided foam tape or you can opt for UV glue: its advantage is its invisibility.

3. Creation of a plateau

  • You will need a small, already dry tree trunk
  • Remove leave the peels or remove them depending on the desired final rendering
  • Sanding and varnishing are required
  • You can paint the wood another color
  • And There you go ! You have a tray

Log tray

4. Wooden design lamp

  • The essential part of this workshop is the stump or driftwood. Make sure you find a piece of wood that is tall enough and of good quality.
  • Get an electric suspension, an intercable, a sleeve, tape, a cutter, a domino, a flat screwdriver, a rosette (or peak cover) and a wire stripper. You have many tutorials on Youtube to guide you step by step.
  • Once your lighting cable is made, hang the electric cable on top of your wood using a galvanized bracket and let it hang down. Your stylish lamp is ready!

5. Wooden Clock

  • Enjoy a short walk in the forest to find a small piece of dry wood. If you are allergic to the outdoors, you can find mini tree trunks in DIY-deco stores.
  • Remove the bark and varnish the wood.
  • Cut a central hole to insert your clock mechanism. The hole should be deep enough to insert the batteries.
  • You can paint your wooden clock for the finish.

6. Wooden candle holder

  • This workshop is very similar with the clock.
  • The customization of your candle holder depends on the size and shape you want to give it.
  • Make sure to sand your wood well and apply several coats of varnish so that your wood does not ignite!
  • If you want to opt for safety, you can buy glass candle holders and incorporate them inside your wooden candle holder.

7. Small wooden coffee tables

  • These small wooden tables are extremely trendy and in all the deco magazines.
  • You will ideally need to cut or find a very dry tree trunk.
  • Saw 4 of your tree trunk. Make sure the base is flat and stable.
  • Remove all the bark and varnish.
  • For a more elegant look, paint your trunk white.

Make a bench with a stump

8. Wooden Bench

  • This workshop is similar to small wooden tables. You will need to get a tree trunk and saw it into two equal parts.
  • Make sure that both ends are smooth and flat to best optimize the stability of your bench.
  • Saw in each tree trunk, at the same height, a space wide enough to insert a wooden plank which will become your seat.
  • You will need to get galvanized brackets for wood to fix your tray on your trunks.
  • Be sure to treat your wood well with an oil for outdoor wood and against humidity.

9. Wooden plate

  • Impress your guests with its original wooden plates.
  • Get a small tree trunk, save the bark, saw off as many small trays as possible.
  • Sand both surfaces of your wood as much as possible for hygiene.
  • You just have to cook a good meal and surprise your guests.

Make a wooden plate with a tree stump

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