How to use an eggshell as a slug repellent?

How to use an eggshell as a slug repellent?

Slugs and eggshell

Slugs can quickly get out of hand in a vegetable garden. Fortunately, some natural tips can be put forward to control these unwanted insects.

Here are the best tips and tricks for using eggshells against slugs in the garden!

For your next egg-based recipe, don’t throw away your shells, use them instead against slugs. Here’s how to make this homemade slug killer:

  • Wash and crush the eggshells (in large quantities).
  • Scatter the eggshell pieces around your vegetable plants.
  • Replace shells after a rainy day.

The small pieces of eggshell have a very sharp appearance and are therefore very effective against slugs.

This trick is particularly effective in preventing slugs from nibbling on lettuce in the vegetable patch.

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Eggshells against slugs in the vegetable garden

2. Use eggshells in the garden!

The great thing about eggshells is that in addition to preventing slugs from approaching the salad plants, you can also use them as fertilizer!

It’s a 2 for 1 because in addition to keeping slugs away, you will naturally fertilize the soil and the vegetable plants in the vegetable garden!

Here’s how to recycle shells into fertilizer:

  • Collect the eggshells and dry them for a few days.
  • Once dry, crush the shells as finely as possible.
  • Sprinkle the small pieces around your vegetable plants.

There are many other possible tricks to do with shells as you will discover here: What to do with eggshells?

3. Other tips and tricks to keep slugs away

In addition to the eggshell, several other tips and remedies exist to repel slugs.

You will find our article on the subject below, but for now here is another very effective trick to try in the garden: Copper tape!

You can find this type of copper tape in hardware stores or even online, which protects our flower and vegetable pots and containers from invaders.

Slug tape

Slug tape

  • Repels slugs and snails.
  • Real barrier to protect plants and vegetables
  • Easy to install and effective against these insects.

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