How to use coconut oil at home?

How to use coconut oil?

Although it contains a high level of saturated fat, these bad fats which would increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, coconut oil still has several benefits.

In addition, its many possible uses make it a product of choice to add to our pantry. 10 Tips presents some possible uses and benefits of coconut oil.

The uses and benefits of coconut oil:

1. Choose the right coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted by pressing the flesh of the coconut. But how do you buy the best coconut oil knowing that there are dozens and dozens of different kinds?

In order to reap the benefits of coconut oil, be sure to choose virgin, certified organic oil that has been cold pressed.

There are many coconut oils. So to help you make the right choice, 10 Tips offers you on this page good coconut oils that you can buy and use for different uses at home.

2. Using coconut oil in cooking

Unlike other vegetable oils, virgin coconut oil has not undergone any treatment requiring the use of chemicals used in refining. This makes it an excellent choice for cooking when you have your health at heart.

In addition, thanks to its high heat resistance, coconut oil is ideal for frying. We can therefore replace vegetable oils with coconut oil in most of our recipes.

coconut oil for recipe

coconut oil for recipe

  • Virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil
  • Organic oil perfect for cooking
  • Replaces the use of butter in recipes

3. Coconut oil for weight loss

How to use coconut oil to lose weight? Many report that it is possible to lose weight, or at least lose belly fat, through the use of coconut oil.

Indeed, it seems that coconut oil would have the ability to accelerate the metabolism and that it would have appetite suppressant effects.

By replacing the bad fats in our diet and incorporating coconut oil, but limiting your intake to 30g per day, you could possibly see a difference the next time you take the scale.

coconut oil for weight loss

4. The benefits of coconut oil for the skin

As it is very rich, coconut oil can relieve dry and irritated skin, which could make it a good ally in case of eczema. Its antioxidant properties would help, among other things, to fight against skin aging while restoring tone and radiance.

Avoid applying it to your face if your skin tends to be oily, otherwise you can use coconut oil as a makeup remover. It also makes an excellent massage oil and may help prevent stretch marks!

5. Benefits of coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and iron, making it the ideal treatment to nourish your hair. If you struggle with dry, dull hair, use virgin coconut oil to make a conditioning mask.

  • Apply the oil to the ends of your hair
  • Wrap them in a towel
  • Leave on for a few hours to overnight
  • Then, shampoo and rinse well.

We offer you the same coconut oil as the previous tip because it really is the best for hair and skin!

This coconut oil treatment can be done once a week for soft, shiny hair. You will quickly get into the habit of making this homemade hair mask, I’m sure!

Coconut oil, mask for dry and dull hair

6. Whiten your teeth with coconut oil

Did you know that it was possible to whiten your teeth naturally with coconut oil? Just wash your mouth for a few minutes, then brush your teeth.

Additionally, coconut oil will give you better breath and may prevent cavities from forming according to some people. So what are you waiting for to test this natural tip for white teeth?

7. Coconut Oil Toothpaste Recipe

Here is a homemade recipe for natural toothpaste, made from coconut oil:

  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Baking soda
  • Peppermint essential oil

Combine equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. Then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it. This toothpaste will keep your teeth clean and white, and give you better breath.

What! Run out of baking soda at home? Here are some right here at the best price to make this homemade toothpaste recipe:

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Ideal for homemade toothpaste recipe
  • To whiten teeth naturally
  • TOP quality price

8. Coconut oil and health benefits

Get rid of warts with coconut oil

Coconut oil might help you get rid of warts. Apply it to the affected areas, and cover with a plaster. Repeat the treatment once a day until they disappear.

Soothe sore throat with coconut oil

To relieve a sore throat and help fight infection, melt 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and let it slowly flow down your throat.

A remedy for ear infections based on coconut oil

To naturally treat an ear infection, combine a little coconut oil with a few drops of garlic essential oil. Then apply in the affected ear, a few times a day, until the symptoms disappear.

Prevent heartburn with coconut oil

If you are prone to heartburn and gastric reflux, you can prevent them by ingesting 1 teaspoon of coconut oil with your meals.

An antiperspirant coconut oil deodorant

You can make your own natural deodorant by combining coconut oil with cornstarch, baking soda, and essential oils of your choice.

Coconut oil, MeaVita

Coconut oil, MeaVita

  • High quality and organic oil
  • For cooking recipes and beauty treatments
  • Superb coconut aroma

9. Coconut oil for your pets

Your pets, more specifically your dog or your cat, can also benefit from the benefits of coconut oil.

In fact, coconut oil can:

  • Treat skin problems including eczema
  • Treat contact dermatitis
  • Eliminate dandruff
  • Improve the appearance of their coat
  • Eliminate bad body odor.

As it facilitates the absorption of calcium, it will help maintain the bones while making them stronger. Coconut oil will also improve their digestion, and eliminate bad breath.

It can be added to their diet or simply used topically to heal wounds and dry skin. It is recommended to give 1 teaspoon per day for 4.5 kg of weight or 1 tablespoon per day for 13.5 kg of weight.

Start gradually by offering small amounts to your pet to avoid a loose stool problem. Seek the advice of a veterinarian before proceeding to avoid incidents.

10. Coconut oil to polish your wooden furniture

Coconut oil is an all-natural way to restore luster to your hardwood furniture. Just apply with a clean, lint-free cloth and rub in until you get a shiny finish.

Of course as with other oils the surface will remain somewhat greasy after application is complete. On the other hand, the furniture will be shiny and lustrous like never before!

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