How to use eggshells as fertilizer?

How to use eggshells as fertilizer?

Eggshells for houseplant and tomato

Do not throw your eggshells in the trash or compost once your breakfast is over. On the contrary, if you like to try natural tricks and other remedies then eggshells are a great idea. invites you today to discover a little more about natural egg-based fertilizer. Good discovery friends!

1. Eggshells for houseplants and flowers

As a natural fertilizer the use of eggshells is really ideal. Whether it’s to fertilize indoor plants or flowers in your flower bed, it’s a great natural fertilizer to try.

How to make fertilizer with eggshells:

To do this, simply crumble the eggshells into very small pieces. You can place the shells on a paper towel or a cloth and crush them with a rolling pin or with a large wooden spoon for example.

The pieces are then sprinkled directly at the level of the feet of your indoor plants, shrubs, flowers and garden vegetables. It is a high quality natural fertilizer that you can add more than once during the season to the delight of your plants. You can use this natural fertilizer recipe indoors and outdoors.

eggshells for indoor and outdoor plants

3. Eggshell for tomato seedlings

Still as a fertilizer and natural fertilizer, eggshells are excellent for growing tomatoes and other garden vegetables. In fact, it is even advisable to use them to counter the famous tomato disease, it’s ideal for having beautiful tomatoes naturally!

So before planting your tomato plants in the garden:

  1. Add in each of the holes a good quantity of crumbled eggshells.
  2. Water the soil and scales and then plant the tomato plant.
  3. Once the foot of the tomato plant is well buried, add eggshell powder around the tomato plants.

This natural trick is really effective in avoiding apical necrosis in tomatoes and preventing certain pests that are harmful to garden vegetables.

Did you know that eggshells are compostable, contrary to what many think? On the other hand, as it is something very solid, you have to be patient, because this food is extremely slow to break down.

As the shells do not compost quickly, it is important to crush them and put them in small pieces in the compost bin. Do not hesitate to add them to your compost because in the end you will obtain a high quality compost and fertilizer for the garden and your plants.

Besides being an excellent fertilizer for plants and flowers, eggshells can be useful for many other things. Here’s what you can do with it: What to do with eggshells?

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