How to use linseed oil on tiles?

How to use linseed oil on your tiles?

Did you know that there was a little trick to make a tile shine more? Whether it is for tiling on the floor of the bathroom or for tiling on a wall, linseed oil is a miraculous product for making the tiling shine.

Shine the tiles with linseed oil

It is indeed possible to give a touch of sparkle and shine to a tiling thanks to this oil. Here are the steps to do:

  • Clean the tiles with warm soapy water to start
  • Let air dry or use a dry cloth if you are too pressed for time
  • Apply linseed oil to the tiles using a sponge or a large brush
  • Let dry and repeat again for a second coat of linseed oil

Once dry, your tiles will shine with a thousand lights! ?

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Apply linseed oil to shine a tile

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