How to wash your hair properly?

How to wash your hair properly? Washing your hair is a routine gesture like brushing your teeth and we do it without thinking about it too much. Washing your hair well can have surprising results, including improving its health and appearance.

Although how often you wash your hair depends on your hair type and the products you use, there are specific techniques. So here are my tips and tricks for washing your hair properly.

1. Choose the right shampoo for your hair

To wash your hair properly, you must first choose the right product. Indeed, it is necessary to use a shampoo adapted to our type of hair.

There are shampoos for all hair types:

  • greasy hair
  • dry hair
  • curly hair
  • thick hair

Plus, it’s worth paying a little more for a quality shampoo. A good shampoo will wash your hair properly, and give you the best results.

Washing your hair naturally:

If you are looking for a natural shampoo to wash your hair then I suggest these few shampoo recipes: Liquid and natural shampoo recipe.

2. Brush your hair before washing it

To properly prepare your hair for washing and shampooing, start by brushing it.

This will eliminate a good part of the residues of styling products and will help to detangle your hair well while getting rid of dead hair.

3. Wash your hair at the right temperature

Many wash their hair at too high a temperature. For best results, but above all to avoid damaging your hair and scalp.

Instead, wash them in lukewarm water, and rinse in cool water to finish cleaning.

Never wash your hair in hot (very hot) water because you risk damaging your hair and attacking your scalp.

The best way to rinse your hair well is to use cool water. Rinsing your hair with cool water stimulates blood circulation, while sealing the hair cuticle and leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

Be sure to remove any shampoo or conditioner residue by running the water through your hair, and wringing it out with your hands a few times during the rinse.

You’ll know you’ve rinsed your hair well when the water runs clear and your hair makes that typical squeaking sound when you run your hands over it.

5. Hair washing steps

Want to know how to properly wash your hair? Here are the few steps to follow for best results:

  • Make sure you’re using the best shampoo for your hair type and get rid of styling product residue in your hair by brushing it out before washing.
  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water so that it is completely damp. Gently squeeze out the excess. Add a dime-sized amount of shampoo to your palm: about a dollop’s volume should be enough for short to medium hair, but to wash long hair well, adjust this amount accordingly.
  • Apply the shampoo directly to the roots of your hair and massage your scalp. Pay particular attention to the neck area, as this is often overlooked. Once your roots are well covered, use the mousse to gently massage the shampoo into the ends of your hair.
  • Rinse the product completely out of your hair with lukewarm water. Gently wring out your hair with your hands several times while rinsing.
  • For long hair, curly hair, or dry or frizz-prone hair, use an appropriate conditioner. Use an appropriate amount and apply to ends of hair. Use your fingers and work gently to the roots. Rinse with cool water.
  • To avoid damaging your hair, wring it gently and wrap it in a towel. Do not rub your hair with the towel, this could damage it and negate the effects of a good wash.

By following these steps you will get beautiful, clean hair as you will discover here: How to have beautiful hair?

6. The frequency of hair washing

Many wash their hair once or twice a day, which is way too often.

In fact, it is recommended to wash your hair no more than 3 times a week. Indeed, the more we wash our hair, the more oil it produces to protect itself.

When you use the right products and the right hair washing technique, you don’t have to wash your hair every day.

If you are looking for an alternative to chemical products, know thatthere are ways to wash your hair naturally. Here are two tips for washing your hair without shampoo:

Wash your hair with baking soda

To wash your hair with baking soda here are the important steps:

  1. Take 2 tablespoons of fine baking soda and add some water to it to make a paste.
  2. Massage your hair with this paste and rinse thoroughly.
  3. To finish, do a second rinse but with a glass of water to which you have added 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar.

Wash your hair with clay

To properly wash greasy hair, you can make yourself a dry shampoo with clay. Just apply it to your hair, lightly massage the roots and scalp, then brush to remove residue.

You can also use cornstarch if you don’t have clay. The clay and cornstarch will absorb the excess oil in your hair.

Like most people, you probably wash your hair in the shower while standing.

But if you have long, thick hair, the best way to wash your hair is upside down. This position facilitates washing at the level of the hair roots and the nape of the neck and allows better thorough rinsing.

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