How to win at chess? 10 tips just for you!

How to win at chess? When you start playing chess it can be difficult to know all the subtleties and tricks to win.
Take advantage of a beginner’s fault, a quick and direct attack on the King, a moment of inattention, now discover all my tips (I’m an amateur, not a « pro ») to win at chess.

1. The queens game, a series on Netflix!

Before I let you discover some practical tips and tricks to help you win at chess, I have a suggestion for you!

If you subscribe to Netflix, I strongly recommend that you watch the series « Le jeu de la dame » or in English « The Queen’s Gambit). A perfect series for chess enthusiasts and players!

netflix series, the queens game, a series about chess

This series appeared on Netflix in the fall of 2020 and frankly even if you don’t play chess you will get started soon I’m sure. Even I feel like buying a new chess set to play with my children or at least play with my oldest.

2. Be calm and focused when playing chess

Before talking about the tips, tricks and techniques of « pro » to win at chess we must talk about his general condition. Indeed, to play chess and hope to win, you have to be in a very special state of mind.

Indeed, if you start a game and your head is elsewhere, if you are stressed or not very concentrated, it will be difficult for you to be effective.

You have to stay calm, focused and stay focused. You have to ignore everything around you. Only the game and the chess pieces will matter at this precise moment.

3. Know the different coins and their value

Although each game is different and the pieces may have greater importance depending on the course, it is important to know the value of each.

Here is the value of chess pieces:

  • pawn = 1
  • the knight = 3
  • the fool = 3
  • tower = 5
  • the lady = 9

Know how to play the different pieces:

It is also very important to know the different possible moves of the chess pieces. If you are a beginner I recommend this web page: You will find pictures of the different ways to move and move the pawn, the knight, the bishop, the rook, the queen and of course the king.

4. Start the game of chess well

To succeed in a good game of chess and hope to have victory, you must first start it well. This is called openings.

These are moves that will give you a good start to continuing the game as a winner. Learning these openings will help you play well throughout the game. offers a very complete article to discover all the possible opening variants in chess.

5. Always protect your ROI well

Protect your King well to avoid failure to the King

When you are new to chess it can be easy to lose control of the game by leaving behind the “most important” piece…THE KING.

Indeed, when you are a beginner you focus so much on winning and defeating your opponent that you forget to protect your own King well. It is often at this moment that our adversary places us in a checkmate position.

An effective trick to protect your ROI is to hide it, to place it behind the pawns, like a barrier.

6. Dominate the 4 squares in the center of the game

Dominate the squares in the center of the chessboard

In chess the center of the game is extremely important if you want to win the game. So to dominate and hope to win at chess, it is absolutely necessary to control the 4 squares in the middle.

These are the following chessboard squares:

  • square d4
  • square d5
  • square e4
  • square e5

By dominating these 4 central squares of the chessboard, you can more easily dominate the chessboard while further intimidating your opponent.

7. Some practical tricks to win at chess

Several tips and tricks can help you to be better and improve your techniques and movements. Here are some ideas to improve yourself:

Become a member of a chess club

By playing in a chess club you will be able to analyze other people’s games, seek advice from more experienced players and learn from your mistakes. It’s a great way to get better at chess.

Watch chess tutorials

Videos and tutorials are another good way to learn chess by analyzing everything. You will see winning moves, strategies as well as good and bad moves. On Youtube there are hundreds of videos on winning moves in chess as well as tutorials for beginners.

Visit the Chess – Blitzstream Youtube channel to watch dozens and dozens of tutorials on chess.

Play chess as often as possible

To make your mind sharp and lit, you need to play as often as possible. This is how you can perfect your strategies, fully understand shots, openings and movements and get used to identifying your opponent during the game.

8. Learn and play chess online

For those who are beginners and who wish to perfect their knowledge and even play online is the site to visit!

This site has over 35 million members worldwide. At the time of writing this article there are over 140,000 members connected.

Here are some interesting things about this chess site:

  • play online against other members of the site.
  • play against the computer to improve your techniques.
  • learn the movements of the pieces.
  • discover the different openings.
  • learn how to attack the king like a « pro ».
  • understand possible endings.
  • learn the different tactics to win.

Visit to learn how to play chess like the pros.

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