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What to do on a rainy day?

When it rains for a whole day, you end up not knowing what to do with your day. When it rains we sometimes find the weather long, the children get bored and we adults go around in circles.

Yet so many fun things and activities can be done when it rains!

10 Tips offers you today ideas for activities to do in rainy weather.

1. Go indoor camping with the family

Move furniture from the living room or basement, set up a tent, sleeping bags, and plan some treats, songs, and even a little guitar or violin if you have them! If you have a fireplace, light the fire and eat good marshmallows! Sleep in the tent and before bed tell stories of fear! You will see, it will be an unforgettable family moment despite this rainy day.

2. Do a movie marathon

The rainy day is a perfect time to travel through the thrilling stories of the movies! Go rent yourself several new releases or review your favorite old classics! Vary the styles (comedy, drama, horror) and eat junk food if you feel like it.

3. Organize a collective kitchen

Call your friends or neighbors, make a list of the ingredients and foods you all have in your fridges, and get together to cook all day. Make several dishes by also adding starters and desserts and at the very end, you will only have to share the dishes. By cooking with friends you will have a lot of fun and the next day you will be very happy not to have to cook for several days since you will have your dishes already prepared. A really fun activity to do with your friends when it’s raining but also at any other time.

4. Organize a family treasure hunt

A rainy day… Why not organize a treasure hunt with your children? Go to the $1 store and buy lots of little surprises for adults and children alike. Then, hide these surprises, concoct the clues and indications and have fun finding these hidden surprises all over the house. Hours of fun, even if it’s raining outside.

5. A day of games between adults or with children

Board games are an activity that can entertain young and old for several hours. Get together with friends or family, choose several kinds of games and have fun. The children will be happy to play with the parents and the games with friends will be appreciated since laughter and pleasure will be there!

6. Walk in the rain

Rain is a very pretty and soothing natural phenomenon. Unfortunately, people often tend to fear the rain and stay hidden as soon as the first drops of rain are felt. Instead, take advantage of this moment to dress warm, take an umbrella and go for a walk slowly under this magnificent rain that nature shares with you. Of course, if it is very wet and the wind is strong and rather cold, it is better to stay at home. But if it’s a light rain shower, taking a walk will do you a lot of good. A simple and free activity to enjoy rainy days with the family.

7. Exercise when it rains

Why not take advantage of this rainy day to go to the gym or do your exercises at home? As long as you sit around waiting for the sun, might as well go burn some calories, right? You will be very proud of yourself afterwards.

8. A “spa and beauty” day at home

Ladies, why not take advantage of this rainy day to call your girlfriends and give you beauty masks, manicures, pedicures and find new looks and makeup? A real girls day that will make you even prettier. This is an activity for women or even teenagers, but I’m sure little girls will also like this idea when it’s raining outside.

9. Turn to culture and enrichment

It’s raining outside and you don’t know what to do. So take advantage of this moment to do a different activity. For example, you could go to museums. You could go animal watching at the Montreal Biodôme, study the galaxies at the Planetarium or the Cosmodôme. Go see a movie at Imax or go learn all sorts of interesting things at the Montreal Science Center.

No matter where you live, you will find several museums and exhibitions to visit in case of rain for example.

10. Do yoga or relaxation

The rain inspires relaxation, calm and well-being. Take advantage of this rainy day to relax and meditate. Put on soft music, light some candles, sit on the floor and clear your mind. Take deep breaths and listen to the soothing sound of rain falling all around you.

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