Idea for a 40th birthday!

How to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday?

40 years is an important milestone that deserves to be celebrated in style! Preparing the guest list, choosing a birthday theme, preparing good food, choosing a good playlist… Come and discover all our tips and ideas for organizing the best 40th birthday party!

1. Prepare the guest list for the 40th birthday party

Whether it’s for your own party or the 40th birthday of a friend or friend, it’s important to draw up a guest list.

If you’re hosting someone’s 40th birthday, be sure to invite only people that that person gets along with. It is useless to cast too wide a net because you risk having guests who will not necessarily please the birthday person.

Don’t forget to send your invitations with an RSVP (please reply).

If you really want to organize and plan each step of the party, you need a calendar! Come and read our article on this subject: Create an online calendar and agenda.

2. Choose a theme for the birthday

A successful party goes through the choice of a decor and an original theme. Of course, depending on the person being celebrated and their tastes, you will have to make the best choice based on them and not based on your own tastes.

Here are popular themes for a 40th birthday:

  • 70s, 80s or 90s
  • Cinema and stars
  • Disco
  • Cabaret
  • rock n roll
  • Hawaii
  • Casino
  • Kitsch
  • Cartoons and manga

3. A 40th birthday cake

40th birthday cake

There is no age to blow out candles! We said it well at the beginning, 40 years is something to celebrate and it’s something to celebrate!

So plan a big well-stocked cake, very decorated and put the maximum number of candles in it (why not 40 candles)! Do it or buy the biggest cake possible. It will be the highlight of the evening.

Check out our Holidays & Birthdays Pinterest board for tons of ideas for throwing a birthday party.

4. Prepare a funny surprise

At 40, you start to have experience. It is clear that the person who turns 40 has a lot of funny or even embarrassing memories. ?

Without however creating discomfort for the birthday and the guests, it could be good to organize something related to these memories. Here are some tips and surprises to prepare:

  • photo and video editing
  • a comedy play
  • a song written and sung for the occasion
  • fun and funny games
  • personalized and fun gifts

5. Meals, food and drink for a birthday

Buffet and food for 40th birthday

Food is an important element when organizing a birthday, whether it is for the 30th, 40th or 50th birthday of a loved one.

It is therefore necessary to think and provide food in quantity for all the guests present at the party. If you are only having a dinner party, plan a meal that will be sufficient for the number of people invited to the party.

Be sure to check everyone’s tastes and allergies, of course taking into account the culinary tastes of the person being celebrated!

For a very big party, a catering buffet is always a great idea. You can also ask guests to provide some cash for food and drink.

Appetizers and small gourmet starters are also a good idea for a birthday party.

6. A party without music is not a party!

If you are planning a « big party » to celebrate the birthday of your friend, your wife or your husband, the music must be put in the foreground!

DJ for a birthday party

As we said above, to organize a big birthday party you need a budget accordingly. So when you send the invitations indicate an amount of money to send with the answer (money which will be used for the organization and the purchase of material for the party).

With this money you will be able to hire a professional DJ or even better a music group who can sing the favorite hits of the birthday person and the guests.

7. Drinks and beverages with and without alcohol

Of course, it is always nice to be able to share good drinks and beverages with the guests. You can be creative and wow the gallery with very fashionable and colorful drinks!

But don’t forget people who are more conventional and who prefer wine or a good beer. And of course, prepare and offer your guests drinks with and without alcohol.

Here is a “sick” setup for your drink and beverage corner:

drink and drink for birthday party

Source of the idea:

8. Plan a touching moment during the evening

After a more comical and amusing moment, it is always interesting to bring a little more touching and emotional moment to the evening of celebration.

It could be, for example, a short speech by each of the guests or their immediate family. The important thing is to emphasize how important this person is in your lives.

9. Immortalize the event

A 40th birthday and any other festive party must be immortalized in photo and video.

So ask guests to take photos and videos throughout the birthday party. After a few days or weeks, why not make a video montage of the party that you will of course share with the birthday person and the guests.

10. A photobooth to amuse the guests!

Another idea to keep a wonderful memory of this evening of your friend’s 40th birthday, why not rent and install a Photo Booth? Indeed, several companies offer PhotoBooth module rental.

Of course, you can also design your own decor with accessories to dress up with a photographer assigned to this task during the evening.

Here are some ideas for a successful photobooth:

For those who could not be present at the 40th anniversary, why not send virtual cards? Here’s how: Free virtual card by SMS.

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