Idea for making homemade chalk

How to make your own chalk at home?

Why make chalk for your little ones when you can get them in stores for $1? Simply for the pleasure of making them and doing a fun activity with your children.

10 Tips offers below different homemade recipes for making chalk.

Ideas for making homemade chalks:

1. A homemade chalk with plaster

The first homemade recipe for making your own chalk is made from plaster. Thanks to ZineZoe for this DIY idea. You are going to need the following stuff:

  • cardboard roll (toilet paper roll)
  • 2 cups lukewarm water
  • 8 cups of plaster
  • 8 to 10 tablespoons of acrylic type paint (color of your choice)

Of course, you also need scissors, old newspapers to avoid having to clean everything up after the craft is finished and finally a bucket to mix everything up.

Start homemade chalk recipe

Then just mix the plaster and water quickly. Then add the color of your choice. Attention, it is necessary to divide the quantities to fill several cardboard tubes according to the desired consistency and especially according to the color of chalk desired.

homemade recipe for chalk

It is important to mix the mixture very well to have a chalk with a good consistency in each of the cardboard tubes.

As Zine Zoé’s blog clearly shows, you can use different types of molds to make your chalks. Your children will really love coloring the driveway and the large rocks with their homemade chalk.

color with homemade chalk

2. Looks like real chalk!

Very similar to the previous chalk recipe, the CraftyBitches blog offers us a solution to make homemade chalks that really look like real chalks sold in stores.

The main difference is in the molds and the cardboard tubes because this recipe uses instead cardstock, parchment paper and freezer bags to create perfectly straight chalk sticks.

Here are the materials needed:

material for making blackboard chalk

This is what the chalks look like:

recipe for making homemade crayons for outdoors

3. Another idea for making chalks:

Finally, here is another shape and mold idea to make your homemade chalks. Pops chalks: simple, pretty and perfect for children who want to color large rocks or the driveway this summer.

homemade diy chlak

Find all the steps and materials needed to make chalk on the excellent Project nursery website.

diy chalk homemade

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