Idea for recycling PVC pipes

How to recycle PVC tubes?

Do you have old PVC pipes stored in the basement and don’t know what to do with them? Why not give them a second life in the house?

10 Tips invites you to discover 10 ingenious ideas for recycling PVC pipes.

Storage for tools with PVC pipe

Here is an original idea for the storage of your workshop. Perfect for storing and organizing all your tools in the workshop and garage. Men will love this idea.

Tool storage with PVC pipes

Grow your strawberry plants

Another great idea to do with PVC tubing is to grow strawberry plants. This is ideal for making a vertical garden in your backyard.

Vertical garden with PVC pipes for strawberry plants

Hairdryer storage

Here is an idea for the bathroom or the hairdressing salon for the storage of your hairdressing accessories. Perfect for storing the hair dryer or flat iron for example.

Storage for hairdressing accessories PVC pipes

PVC storage for shoes

Do you want to make an original storage for all your shoes and shoes at home?

Shoe storage with PVC tubes

Store garden tools

Shovel, broom, rake, pitchfork… Difficult to store everything properly in the shed. Here is a support for your garden tools in the shed.

Storage with PVC pipe for garden tools

Store your child’s toy cars

Another idea to recycle your PVC tubes, make a storage for your child’s toy car collection.

Storage with PVC tube for small car

organization for the office

Whether it’s for your child’s work table or your home office, here’s an idea for recovering your PVC pipes.

Organization for the work desk with PVC tubes

Decorative wall with white PVC pipes

WOW! Admit that the look of this decorative wall is really sublime in a modern decor. A little patience, creativity and lots of white PVC pipes.

Decorative wall with white PVC pipe

A wine rack with PVC tubes

Let your imagination run wild to make your own model of support and storage for your wine bottles with PVC pipes.

Wine rack with PVC pipes

A table base with PVC tubes

Here is another original idea for do-it-yourselfers, a table base made entirely of PVC pipes. Do you like this modern style?

Table base made of PVC pipes

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