Ideas for customizing jeans!

How to customize jeans? Patterned patchworks, embroidery, hems, decorative beads, stickers, there are many ideas for personalizing jeans!

So if you have old worn jeans at home, this article will please you! I therefore offer you several ideas and tips for customizing jeans with or without a sewing machine!

1. Bleach jeans with bleach

A really simple idea to transform old jeans is to bleach them! You can find faded jeans in stores that are often sold at high prices, so why not do it yourself?

Here is how to customize your jeans by bleaching them:

  1. Pour bleach into a basin of hot water (1 capful of bleach for 1 liter of water).
  2. Then immerse the jeans and stir often with a wooden utensil.
  3. Let the jeans sit in the bleach solution for 3 hours.

Whiten half a pair of jeans!

If you want to try something a little crazier like fading here’s a really cool Tik Tok:

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2. Wear jeans with a pumice stone

Another way to customize jeans is to wear them out, as if you had old jeans… It’s fashion after all!

So how do you wear your jeans? With a pumice stone! Here’s how:

  • Rub the jeans (where you want to wear) with the pumice stone.
  • Rub in both directions until the jeans are worn enough (without making holes)
  • Finish with a rinse in the washing machine.

If you don’t have a pumice stone, you can use fine grit sandpaper to scrub the jeans.

3. Poke holes in jeans

Another idea to personalize and wear jeans are of course the holes! Indeed, when I think of customizing jeans my first idea that comes to mind are the holes!

Here’s how to rip your jeans for a top effect:

  1. First determine the places where you will make holes (with a textile chalk for example).
  2. Take a pumice stone or sandpaper and rub the selected places.
  3. Take a chisel and make the holes, also tearing with your hands for a more « trashy » effect
  4. Take tweezers to pull the strings and fray the holes.

Here are some pictures of custom jeans with different types of holes:

3. Customize jeans with pearls!

If you want jeans with style and a lot of shine then why not personalize it with pretty little pearls!?

To personalize jeans with pearls, you must of course choose and buy pierced pearls in order to sew them to the fabric.

  • Mark with a textile chalk the places where you want to sew the beads.
  • Thread the needle with a thread (remember to tie a very strong knot at the end of the thread).
  • Sew each of the beads, taking your time to avoid damaging the jeans.
  • Finish with a very strong knot and do the same for all the other beads.

Here are some photos of jeans with beads of all kinds of colors:

4. Customize jeans with crests and patches

Another way to transform and customize old jeans is to glue or sew badges, pieces of fabric or even patches to different places on the garment.

If you don’t have a sewing machine at home then it’s better to opt for iron-on patches to transform your jeans.

Here are several photos and ideas to transform your jeans:

To learn how to sew pockets and patches on your jeans here is an article that should interest you: Sewing machine for beginners.

5. Customize the pocket of jeans

Another super easy and quick idea is to personalize the back pocket of jeans with a piece of fabric of your choice!

It’s a bit like the other idea above but this time we only personalize the pocket of the jeans. If not, you can also use fabric paint to draw a design of your choice on the back pocket.

If you have a talent for painting here is a video just for you:

@frantzdesignsA fun 90’s design? ##TheReplay ##singlelife ##allstarmoment ##fyp ##fypg ##paintedjeans ##painteddenim♬ original sound – loveurdenim

6. Draw and paint patterns on jeans

As you saw with the previous trick it is possible to use special pencils and paint to personalize jeans and other clothes and fabrics.

To inspire you, here are lots of ideas for patterns and colors to personalize jeans:

7. Embroider a message on jeans

Do you like embroidery? With or without a sewing machine, it is possible to embroider words and even messages on jeans.

To give style, use several colors and thicknesses of yarn to embroider the patterns on the jeans.

To give you some inspiration, here are some embroidery ideas on jeans:

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