Ideas for making a dog toy

How to make a dog toy?

Why spend money to buy toys and games for your dog when you can make them for free in a few minutes!

The excellent site shares this great dog toy idea with us. All you need is an old sweater, a ball and a pair of scissors, that’s all!

Steps to make the dog toy:

A t-shirt you no longer wear, an old tennis ball and scissors!

make a dog toy,

Here’s how to cut and size the sweater

cut sweater, cut t-shirt,

Here’s how to place the ball to make the toy

diy dog ​​toy,
dog toy, dog games,

Cut the pieces of the t-shirt into small tabs

cut tongue,

Braid the tabs to complete the toy for your dog

dog free toy,

dog games, dog ball toy,

A toy is an effective way to entertain and amuse a dog, but there are several other tricks as you will discover here: How to make your dog happy?

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