Ideas for storing your shoes

Lots of shoes and shoes to store in the closet?

Man or woman, if you have a collection of shoes and shoes at home, why not find efficient and attractive storage for them?

Here are several ideas and photos for storing all the shoes you have at home.

A nice shelf for his shoes

What woman would not like to have such a shelf to store all the shoes and shoes? Really superb as a storage idea.

Shelf for storing women's shoes

A wall rack to store lady’s shoes

Do you have a pair of shoes for all occasions? Here is a wall rack to store and hang all your shoes. Pretty isn’t it?

Wall rack for hanging shoes

Shoe storage with white PVC pipes

What a great idea for storing your shoes! A storage for Mr. and Mrs. shoes easy to make with white PVC pipes. Do you like the idea?

Shoe rack with PVC pipes

Original this shoe storage idea

How do you come up with this shoe storage and organization idea for the whole family?

store shoes in the closet

Use a shelf to store your shoes

Here is another idea to transform a simple shelf into a storage for shoes and shoes. You will find the tutorial to make this shoe storage on the link below the image.

Shelf for women's shoes

Shelves from IKEA

Another idea for storing all your shoes is to install shelves that you can buy from IKEA. Admit that the look is impeccable!

Shoe storage with IKEA shelves

A closet to store your shoes

Here is another piece of furniture on sale at IKEA, perfect for storing your collection of shoes and shoes!

IKEA cabinet for storing shoes

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