In Argentina, this bar is tilted at 45° to serve a perfect beer!

It is constantly repeated to neophytes to tilt the glass while pouring a beer, in order to obtain an elegant neck of foam. A beer brand from Argentina had an incredibly original idea: to open a bar itself inclined at 45° to avoid having to perform this gesture. Focus on this crazy concept.

The opening of this inclined bar is a world first! This idea comes from the Andes beer brand, founded in 1921 by Otto Bemberg, a German immigrant. This brand is also very famous in the country, paying homage to the Andes. Production takes place in the province of Mendoza, in the west of the country, near the Chilean capital Santiago.

« It is a unique experience for our consumers to enjoy a beer served to perfection, with the right foam, in this bar placed on one of the greatest prides of the inhabitants of Mendoza: the Andes » explains the Andes brand.

The bar located at altitude was naturally baptized Andes Bar 45. It is impressive to observe this small wooden building, tilted in the middle of such a snowpack. Once inside, customers must defy gravity in order to sit down and drink their beer. Besides, everything is tilted, the floor, the counter, the tables, the chairs and of course the walls, where there is a dart board.

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But the most important thing is in this case, you will have understood, the beer dispenser which makes the liquid flow vertically, an ideal position since the glass (firmly held by the customer) is tilted at 45° like the entire from the bar.

The construction of theAndes Bar 45 was a real challenge, and the brand called on the talent of various architects, engineers, physicists, as well as that of chemists. In addition, and this is quite normal, beer lovers were approached!

Here’s the advert for Andes Bar 45:

Sources: Le Soir – Konbini

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