In Japan, they created the ideal chair for gamers!

Often the position we adopt when we play video games is not very comfortable and can cause back and neck pain. The Japanese invented the ideal chair for fun video game enthusiasts. Ergonomic and comfortable, this one is destined to seduce more than one!

The video game sector does not know the crisis since it is still tens of millions of people who indulge in this passion in the world. Often, the positions taken to face the screen are not terrible. They often give rise to very uncomfortable pain, especially in the back.

The fault with the adopted position, certainly, but this one is defined by the support which one uses. While some are racking their brains to find the ideal position, the Japanese have decided to design the ultimate special gamer chair that will prevent you from scoliosis!

Called « Buddy, the gaming chair », the invention was eagerly awaited by gamers. This chair is comfortable, light, ergonomic and modular. Various holding positions are possible: either forwards or backwards and a headrest is present.

Credits: Rocket New 24 / Buddy, the gaming chair

The Buddy chair is currently enjoying enormous success in Japan, but there is no question of international marketing yet. At the price of 4980 yen (40 €), only the Japanese can therefore for the moment afford this little gem available online on Amazon JP and Rakuten.

The Japanese have already distinguished themselves recently with the toilets of the future, intended to relieve foreign tourists who find themselves helpless when going to do their shopping. Welcome to the special gamer chair!

(Image credit: Rocket New 24)
Credits: Rocket New 24 / Buddy, the gaming chair

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