In prison, they compete in inventiveness to create tattoo machines

Behind bars, some prisoners lack everything. However, this does not prevent some of them from developing tattoo machines made with the little equipment they have. Far from being a simple creative hobby, for these prisoners it is a well-established business, sometimes leading to competitions between prisoners to make the best tattoo and compete in dexterity and creativity. And believe it or not, but creating your tools to tattoo well can be less complicated than you think as you can see in the video!

Victor “Versus” Sandifer is a man who tattoos in prison and he uses several types of tattoo machines like the one seen in the pictures: “ to work the shadows, you use a walkman which reads the cassettes, the motor is slower and does less revolutions per minute. To work the lines, you use the motor of a portable cd player, it does more revolutions per minute. »

The most surprising thing about the story is that infections are rare in prison. Leon Kingsley, another tattoo artist in prison believes that  » the tattoo artist knows what he’s doing, it’s his way of making money“.

Sources: BusinessInsider & SanAntonioCurrent

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