Inside the cockpit of the Boeing 737-NG in mid-flight

These are very rare images that we are witnessing here: those from inside the cockpit of the Boeing 737-NG, at an altitude of around 12,000 meters while it was making its maiden flight.

The Sciences et Avenir website offers us unpublished images captured in the heart of the cockpit of a Boeing 737-NG during its maiden flight for Transavia France. Since the cockpit of an airplane is usually very secret and locked for the duration of any flight for obvious security reasons, these images are rare.

In particular, we can see Luc Sorbadère, Captain and airline pilot Transavia France, show us the interior of this cockpit as well as consult paper maps with the co-pilots. This situation is also rare and is explained by the fact that this aircraft was not yet equipped with digital information systems called EFB (Electronic flight bag).

 » The role of the EFB is to let the pilot choose his trajectory from routes corresponding to the routes served by the company, which simplifies geographical calculation operations in flight “, explains Benoît Marty, deputy to the technical director of Transavia France.

The latter also explains the maintenance processes for such devices, which are essential for the safety of all passengers.  » In case of concern, it is the technical direction of the airline which is responsible in the eyes of justice. We guarantee proper compliance with procedures, which is why the maintenance of our devices is carefully documented. “, he explains. Thus, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, an operational maintenance manager explains that regular maintenance must be carried out on the aircraft, for example every 3,000 flight hours or even every 18 to 36 months.

Finally, in terms of piloting sensations on this device, Caroline Dunand, airline pilot for the company Transavia France, explains with humor that the device  » drives like a truck, or a big family car, if you will « .

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