Is the ocean of Saturn’s moon as salty as the Dead Sea?

The Cassini probe continues to give us crucial information about Titan and the various materials that compose it. Its interior ocean, caught under a thick layer of ice, would be as salty as the Dead Sea. This news does not delight researchers who hope to find life forms on Saturn’s satellite.

A team from NASA and the University of Nantes has analyzed the gravity and topography of Titan, which indicate that the ocean there is particularly dense. This phenomenon could be explained by the presence of different types of salts in the water, sulfur, potassium and sodium. According to GIuseppe Mitri, the main author of the study and researcher at the University of Nantes “the ocean is extremely salty compared to the Earth « . He also explains that these discoveries could change the vision of researchers on this ocean as a potential and current home of life.

Still according to Cassini, the thickness of the ice on Titan would vary depending on the location, which would show that the water of the ocean is slowly turning into ice. If this freeze is true, it would have a significant impact on the chances of finding life in this part of Titan.

The Cassini probe celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Cassini probe has just celebrated 10 years of exploring the planet Saturn and its many moons. Thus, its exploration in space made it possible to discover that Titan was a world similar to the Earth, crossed by rivers, lakes, seas and swept by rains. It was also learned that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has powerful, active icy geysers.

The scientists leading the probe say they are satisfied with its performance.  » Titan continues to prove an infinite and fascinating world, and with our Cassini probe, we are unlocking new mysteries as fast as we are unraveling old ones. ».

We look forward to further discoveries.

Source: Maxisciences

– Illustration: Comparison between Earth and Titan. Photo credits: NASA

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