Keep crows away, 10 tips to scare them away

How to scare crows away?

Crows are birds that are generally loved by people. They are known to be intelligent and live for at least 30 years. Some crows are even trained to find missing people in the forest, did you know?

Despite their good sides, crows can still come and knock on your windows or eat things in your garden. 10 Tips presents below the best repellents and tips to keep crows away.

1. A tape as a crow repellent

If you are looking for an effective repellent to get rid of crows but also to keep pigeons away, then repellent tape is undoubtedly an excellent tip. In fact it is a silver and shimmering repellent strip which scares away crows and other unwanted birds.

For example, you can use this product to scare away crows and other birds from your balustrades, your terrace, your fruit trees or your garden.

There are several models online but following some tests and the analysis of the opinions and comments of our readers here is the De-Bird ribbon. According to our team of in-house testers, this is the best model of repellent tape to deter crows and crows.

Crow repellent tape, De-Bird

Crow repellent tape, De-Bird

  • Easy to install and effective in repelling crows, pigeons and seagulls.
  • For patios, terraces, fruit trees, roofs, gardens, crops, etc.
  • TOP quality price.

2. Scare crows away with CDs in trees

Do you have old CDs and DVDs that no longer work at home or that you simply no longer want to use? Well CDs and DVDs are a great way to scare away crows, pigeons or even crows. This is a free trick that you can easily use to chase away crows instead of buying repellent tape like in the previous point.

Indeed, all you have to do is hang old CDs on a rope and place them near your house, your balcony or even directly in the trees. The CDs will project light reflections everywhere which will keep away crows, pigeons, blackbirds and other birds that you do not want to see near your terrace and vegetable garden.

Crow repellent with cds and dvds

3. Ultrasonic scarer to drive away crows

Another way to quickly get rid of birds, including crows and jackdaws, is the ultrasonic scarer. We often hear about ultrasound devices for keep cats awaydogs or rodents but they can also be useful for hunting crows.

On the other hand, it is important to choose an ultrasonic device that is effective against birds because the majority are only effective against small animals and rodents.

It’s hard to find an ultrasonic repeller that can satisfy everyone. 10 Tips has analyzed dozens of comments and opinions on different models of ultrasonic bird scarers and we believe we have found a model with a good quality ratio and above all with good efficiency. This is the Intey ultrasonic repeller:

4. Foil plates as repellent!

Just like our tricks with CDs and DVDs, the aluminum plate is another very effective idea to get rid of crows and pigeons in the garden. It’s hard to get simpler than this trick, isn’t it?

You can place the aluminum plates in some trees near your garden or your house to scare away crows, pigeons, jackdaws and other birds. You can also simply suspend them with strings or at the end of a stick, for example, to make as much noise as possible.

This trick can also be used against other species of birds but also to keep rodents and wild animals away from your vegetable garden. So you can use this homemade repellent to keep the raccoons awayskunks and weasels having fun at night in the field.

Oh yes, you can also use tin cans which are also very effective in driving away crows and other invaders.

Aluminum plate to deter crows

5. Anti bird spike to discourage crows

Did you know there were bird spikes? These are spikes that can be installed almost anywhere and help deter and keep crows, pigeons and other birds away from the house. It is possible to install this type of spikes on roofs, balconies, gazebos, gutters, cornices, window sills and many other places.

Not all spike designs are actually effective against pest birds and look pretty once installed. This is why it is necessary to read the opinions and comments of the users before making the purchase of a repellent model. To help you, 10 Tips offers you below a model of quality anti-pigeon spikes that are easy to install.

Bird spikes, Bird-Tech

Bird spikes, Bird-Tech

  • 4 rows of stainless steel spikes for a total of 5 meters.
  • Can be installed on almost all types of surfaces.
  • Effective against crows, pigeons, blackbirds and starlings.

6. Keep crows away with plastic bags

Never throw away your old plastic bags again, instead use them as a repellent against crows and other unwanted birds hanging around the house and in the garden. Here’s how:

  • Plant sticks in several places on the ground.
  • Hang plastic bags on all sticks.
  • The noise of the bags caused by the wind will scare the crows.

This is a great way to scare away crows but also to keep pigeons away. If the noise of the bags is not enough you can also hang « cans » or tin cans on some of the sticks.

7. A net to keep birds away

If your real problem is the protection of your fruit trees and other fruits and vegetables in the vegetable garden, then why not install a bird netting? The anti-bird net is undoubtedly the best product to prevent crows and pigeons from eating your fruits, vegetables and flowers in the vegetable garden.

If crows and other pest birds come to devour your small fruits and vegetables every year, quickly equip yourself with a protective net. It is enough to install them a few days or weeks before the fruits and vegetables ripen. It is necessary to choose a net with meshes not too large to protect the garden well.

10 Tips presents below a protective net against birds such as crows, pigeons and blackbirds. As we mentioned, this type of netting is above all useful to prevent pest birds from attacking fruit trees.

Bird protection net

Bird protection net

  • Protects plants, trees and plantations of all kinds.
  • Also useful for protecting a pond and fish.
  • Quality and tear-resistant mesh.

8. Cut dead branches to keep crows away

If you live in the countryside you have probably noticed that crows but also pigeons and starlings like to gather on branches, wires and other open surfaces.

To prevent the crows from gathering near the house, do not hesitate to cut the dead branches of the trees. A very simple little trick to quickly keep crows and other pest birds away from your property.

The same goes for dead or fallen trees in the field and in the forest. Indeed, it is better to clean every spring to avoid attracting pest birds but also other unwanted animals and insects near the house.

cut dead branches against crows

9. Several tips and tricks to be effective!

If you want to quickly get rid of crows and pigeons at home, then the most effective way is to use several tips and tricks at once.

For example you could use an ultrasonic repellent as well as aluminum plates to keep crows away more effectively and quickly. Or use an anti-bird net with old CDs hanging to get rid of the birds that prowl around your fruit trees and your vegetable garden.

Pigeons, crows, seagulls, starlings… All unwanted birds! Come and read these other tips: Tips to keep birds away.

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