Keep frogs away, 10 tips against frogs

Frogs roaming your property?

Frogs are still loved, individually speaking. But when there are too many frogs constantly prowling our yard, they suddenly become much less adorable!

Do frogs constantly roam your property? So here are 10 tips to keep frogs away!

1. Sage to keep frogs away

Frogs don’t like sage! So put some near your house and even in your yard to scare away all the frogs.

2. Remove water

If you have water spilling in your garden or yard, try to drain it because frogs will be attracted to this water.

3. Remove large piles of greenery

Shrubs, bushes, hedges, and all those same types of condensed greenery are great attractants to frogs because they can hide there.

4. Remove dark and damp places

Any small area that is dark and damp will attract frogs. So if you have wood, containers or anything like that, remove them.

5. Turn off the lights at night

Insects are attracted to light and frogs are attracted to insects. So by turning off your exterior lights at night, you will no longer attract these kinds of visitors, be it insects or frogs.

6. Store pet food

To avoid further attracting frogs, always put away pet food that is left outside.

7. Get rid of insects first

In addition to the lights, you can actually start an insect hunt with all sorts of things such as insecticides to get rid of insects and therefore frogs at the same time.

8. Salt on the floor against the frogs

The salt will slightly burn the frogs’ legs and they will quickly run away.

9. Close the curtains at night

If you leave your curtains open in the evening, the interior light will spread somewhat outwards. The insects will be there and therefore the frogs too.

10. Let your cats roam outside

Cats are predators for frogs. The frogs will therefore flee at the sight of these prowling felines.

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