Keep skunks away, skunk repellent and repellent

How to keep skunks away?

Even though skunks look quite pretty, the fact remains that they are still undesirable around the house and garden.

Fortunately, there are several very simple little tricks to keep skunks away. 10 Tips today offers you tips and repellents to quickly keep skunks away.

1. Hair in the skunk hole

If a skunk is lodged in a hole somewhere on your property, under the shed for example, the hair can be a good skunk repellent.

Just put some human hair in the hole and the skunk shouldn’t come back to that place again. A natural repellent to quickly get rid of it.

You can also use cat and dog hair to keep skunks away if you don’t have enough hair available.

2. Never leave trash lying around

Put your trash in a tightly closed bin to avoid attracting skunks. Do not leave your garbage lying around on the balcony or on your property, because you risk attracting skunks but also raccoons.

If you live in the countryside you can simply place a rock on the lid of the trash can or buy a device to keep the trash can lid tight and airtight.

3. An ultrasonic repellent to keep skunks away

Whether it is to repel skunks, raccoons, birds, rats or other wild animals, the ultrasonic repeller may be a solution.

This type of ultrasonic repellent can also be used to keep cats and dogs away from neighbors safely and quietly. Here is a popular one with our visitors and internet users:

4. Water against skunks

If skunks are hidden on your property and you want to get them out, simple water jets will suffice. Of course, be careful and get away from the skunks quickly so you don’t get sprayed.

You could also opt for a water jet repellent system. It is important to choose a powerful device so that the water jet succeeds in scaring raccoons and skunks away from your garden and house.

5. Chicken spit to chase them away

Place chicken wire under your shed, balcony or other facilities to prevent skunks from returning.

A simple trick that works very well to quickly keep skunks away from around the house.

6. Mothball to keep skunks away

The moth ball can be used as a repellent, but be aware that it is not always the most effective means, especially against skunks.

If you only have this on hand to start, you can still take a chance and give it a try. But as soon as it rains you will need to add more mothballs for it to be really effective as a skunk repellent.

7. Use the Fiche le camp product

Have you ever heard of Fiche le camp? It is a product that you can use to repel skunks and other wild and domestic animals.

The smell will scare skunks away from the house. You will find this product at Rona or at Home Depot for less than $20.

8. Remove fallen fruits, nuts and seeds

These foods are very attractive to skunks but also to raccoons. Take care to regularly remove them from your soil to avoid attracting skunks at night.

9. Remove piles of leaves on the ground

The piles of leaves covering your ground in the field are teeming with small insects that skunks like to eat.

Hurry to remove these piles of leaves to prevent the arrival of skunks but also unwanted insects on your lawn.

10. Install a motion sensor light

Much like the ultrasonic repeller with LED light, you can also buy and install motion sensor lights in some places.

Skunks don’t like light. So install a light that acts according to the movements detected in order to ward off skunks and other critters that hang around the house at night.

This type of motion sensor gadget is effective against all wild animals that come out at night. So you can also use it against badgers in the garden!

11. Treat the lawn to get rid of skunks!

Do you ever see holes and spots on your yard where small or even large patches of grass are missing?

These are the white grubs or rather the skunks who love to dig to find and eat the white grubs that hide under the lawn, at the level of the roots.

Did you know that skunks also love beetle larvae? Come read this article to find out how to keep cockchafers away.

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