Keep squirrels away, 10 practical tips

How to keep squirrels away?

Squirrels are very cute and we don’t want to hurt them. On the other hand, they can be irritating and harmful to our gardens and flowerbeds but also to our shed and house.

Fortunately, there are repellents and natural tricks that you can use on your land to repel squirrels effectively. 10 Tips therefore offers you its top of the best squirrel repellents for the house and garden

1. Make your plant bulbs bitter

If squirrels are after your garden plants, know that they love the bulbs of plants and flowers. This is why you should make these bulbs very bitter in flavor in order to keep them away. The Ropel product is very effective in transforming the taste of your bulbs. To do this you must:

  • Dip the flower bulbs in the Ropel product.
  • Then plant the bulbs of your flowers deeper in the ground.
  • This repellent will make your flower bulbs extremely bitter.

repellent bulbs flowers squirrel

The Ropel product is truly an excellent squirrel repellent. Believe me, no more squirrels will come to play in your flowerbeds.

2. Ultrasonic Squirrel Repeller

If you are looking for a device that can quickly repel squirrels but also other wild animals, then one of the solutions is the ultrasonic repeller. Very effective for some people, it may be a little less so for others depending on the environment and the type of animals you want to keep away from the house and the garden.

Of course with this type of device working with ultrasound, you have to be patient and wait a few days before it is really effective against squirrels. If you are in a hurry this may not be the right solution for you. 10 Tips offers you below an ultrasonic repellent that seems to be effective in repelling squirrels but also other wild animals.

Ultrasonic squirrel repellent

Ultrasonic squirrel repellent

  • Ultrasound frequencies to repel wild animals
  • Repels squirrels, cats, raccoons, foxes and skunks
  • Effective motion detection system

3. Human hair to scare away squirrels

After a haircut, do not throw your hair in the trash! You can use them to scare away squirrels and other small rodents. Indeed, squirrels do not like the smell of human hair at all. Put some on the ground and the squirrels will quickly move away from the house and the garden.

If you don’t have enough hair then you can also use animal hair, be it your dog’s hair or your cat’s hair for example. So the next time you cut your hair or trim your pet’s hair, keep it in a bag for the big day when you’re going to have to hunt squirrels.

Oh yes I forgot, you can also use the hair trick to keep deer away from eating and damaging the cedars in winter.

4. Keep squirrels away with water spray repellant

Another effective repellent against squirrels but also birds and other wild animals is the water jet repellent. There are several different models of this type of repellent that you can buy online or at some big box stores.

This type of repellent propels a powerful jet of water as soon as it detects an unusual movement in the garden or in your flower beds. Ideal for quickly hunting squirrels, deer, skunks, foxes and even some unwanted birds.

Water jet repellent

Water jet repellent

  • Powerful and effective water jet repellent against critters
  • Repels small and large wild animals from the garden
  • Effective motion detector to quickly detect animals

5. Use blood-based fertilizer

It may sound a little odd, but squirrels actually hate the smell of blood. It is therefore an excellent natural repellent to scare away squirrels and other small rodents.

You will find powder and blood meal in garden and hardware stores, for example, or even online if you are looking a little. Just put this solution all over your floor and you can be sure that squirrels will flee your yard.

With this 100% natural tip, no more squirrels ransacking your garden and your flowerbeds.

6. A cage to get rid of squirrels

If you have a real problem with squirrels on your property or worse in the attic of the house, then a cage or capture trap is probably the best solution. Care must be taken to purchase a model of squirrel deterrent device large enough to accommodate this type of rodent but not too large either.

We offer you below a capture trap to quickly catch and get rid of squirrels and other small unwanted animals. The goal here is not to kill the squirrels but to catch them and then carry them very far from the house.

Capture cage for small animals

Capture cage for small animals

  • For capturing squirrels, rats, mice, martens, and other animals
  • Effective and fast trap to catch squirrels
  • Quality trap at a great price

This cage can be used to catch other wild animals as you can read here: How to get rid of a weasel?

7. Moth balls to chase away squirrels

As with other wild animals, certain smells can really be effective in keeping squirrels away from the house quickly. As the smell of mothballs is very strong, it is therefore an excellent way to scare away squirrels and other small wild animals from the garden and flower beds.

So to keep them away from the garden, the house or your flowerbeds, generously put mothballs on the ground. Do not forget to put back mothballs when necessary to avoid seeing them come back to squat your land.

8. CDs and DVDs to keep squirrels away

Instead of throwing away your old CDs and DVDs, use them to scare off squirrels and other unwanted animals on your property.

Just hang old CDs tied to the end of strings in your yard or in your vegetable garden so that they reflect each other. The mirror effect will make the squirrels go away and the noise too.

If you are looking for an even more effective way to scare squirrels and therefore scare them away, you can turn to fake owls and fake owls. Here is a model of Great Horned Owl ideal for scaring squirrels but also for scaring away pigeons, raccoons and many other species.

A fake owl as a repellent

A fake owl as a repellent

  • Fake owls to keep squirrels and other animals away
  • Keep unwanted birds and animals away
  • Perfect for scaring off lurking squirrels

The scarer or the hanging CD trick is also effective as a grandmother’s recipe for scaring away pigeons and seagulls


9. Natural repellents to keep squirrels away

Now how about using foods and stuff you have at home as a natural squirrel repellent? Here are some anti squirrel home remedies to try now.

9.1 Cayenne pepper as a squirrel repellent

Squirrels and other small rodents hate the smell and of course the pungent taste of cayenne pepper. Just sprinkle it all over your flowerbeds and in the garden to quickly drive away squirrels, mice and rats.

9.2 Citrus peel against squirrels

Another food you can use at home to scare away squirrels is citrus peel. It is enough to place pieces of lemon, orange and even grapefruit peel in different places.

9.3 Garlic to keep squirrels away

As the smell of garlic is really not appreciated by squirrels you can scatter crushed garlic on the preferred path of squirrels to quickly drive them away.

9.4 Strong mustard as a repellent

Finally you can make a mixture of 2 spoonfuls of strong mustard and 2 liters of water. Then just spray this mixture where the squirrels are to quickly get rid of them. Mustard repellent is also effective against cats, rats and mice.

Natural repellent to keep squirrels away

10. Keep squirrels away from feeders

How to keep squirrels away from bird feeders? This is an excellent question that many people ask themselves. Of course you can use any of our tricks and repellents mentioned on this page but you can also resort to something specific on this problem.

We are currently writing a new special article on accessories and articles to prevent and repel squirrels from bird feeders. But in the meantime, the best solution to prevent a squirrel from eating all the birdseed is to buy a suitable feeder. 10 Tips offers you below a quality feeder and especially with an anti-squirrel device.

Squirrel proof feeder

Squirrel proof feeder

  • Discourages squirrels looking for easy food
  • Closing the feeder with the weight of the squirrels
  • Feeder suitable for all your favorite birds

Now that you know how to keep squirrels away from your yard and home, what will be your favorite trick to do so?

If your problem is more serious, you can call on a professional who can help you exterminate squirrels more efficiently and above all more quickly!

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