Keep swallows away, 10 tips to scare them away

How to keep swallows away? The swallow is a protected species, did you know that? Swallows are pretty little birds aren’t they! On the other hand, swallows can unfortunately build their nests in the roof of your house and cause problems.

To prevent swallows from settling too close to the house, Here are tips and repellents to scare away swallows.

1. A fake owl to keep swallows away

By hanging a large owl on the roof or near your house, you will effectively ward off swallows that want to nest under the roof.

The false owl or other bird scarer is therefore an excellent tool to scare away swallows and other birds on and under the roof.

Other objects and scarers to deter swallows:

If you can’t find fake owls then other easy to find items can also be used to scare away swallows from the roof of the house.

  • One or more kites.
  • Reflective repellent strips.
  • Old CDs and DVDs hanging.
  • A scarer in the image of a falcon or an eagle.
  • Aluminum plates
  • A scarecrow

Thus, the swallows will believe that your roof is already inhabited by another space of birds or animals. You will thus avoid seeing a family of swallows settling under the roof of the house.

This type of repellent is also effective against crows and starlings. For more tips visit this page: How to scare crows away?

2. Repellent tape to deter swallows

I wanted to come back in particular to one of the objects proposed above, the repellent and reflective tape.

If you are looking for a bird repellent that is safe for birds then I believe this type of reflective tape is ideal as a swallow repellent.

Just install these repellent strips everywhere around the house. On the roof, the balcony, the garden and even on fruit trees to protect them from harmful birds.

repellent tape

repellent tape

  • Effective bird scarer.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Super reflective and shiny tape.

3. Install a net to get rid of swallows

The fishing net is ideal for protecting your roof and preventing swallows from nesting there.

Install a prevention net!

Of course, you have to quickly install the net before the swallows settle there, otherwise you will necessarily have to call on a professional to remove or move the nest.

Just install it under the roof and on the back wall or where swallows usually come to nest. The netting should act as a sort of barrier to effectively keep swallows away from the house.

4. Install a house swallow nest box

Why not try to live with swallows, for example by installing a birdhouse specially designed for this species of bird?

Install a swallow nest box!

Indeed, one solution to solve your swallow problem at home is to install a birdhouse.

It is important to install it as soon as possible so that the swallows who are used to making their nests at home and under the roof choose this new nest box instead.

Here is a window nest box for swallows available on Amazon:

Swallow nesting box

Swallow nesting box

  • A beautiful, sturdy nesting box for house swallows made of natural ceramic.
  • Mounted on an FSC wooden board and ready to install.
  • This model is delivered by the manufacturer in the form of a random assortment of several models…


 » ]

5. When to remove a swallow’s nest?

As swallows are protected, it is forbidden to remove or move a swallow nest yourself.

This is why it is important to act quickly when you see swallows near the house and the roof. Otherwise it will be too late and you will not be able to do anything to keep the swallows away from the house.

Who to contact to move a swallow’s nest?

If swallows cause problems for you and your home, you should contact a nature and animal protection association. Only they can help you with this swallow problem by considering the best solution for you and this protected species.

6. The swallow, a protected species

Finally, it is important to repeat that swallows are a protected species. Intentional disturbance is prohibited. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to move a swallow’s nest.

You must contact a nature protection association if you have a problem with swallows near your house.

Learning to live with swallows

So why not try to live with the swallows? If you notice a nest of swallows on your land or house and they don’t bother you at all, there’s no need to find a solution to scare them away. You could simply take the opportunity to admire this beautiful species of birds.

It’s the same for the bat which is also a protected species. Take the time to read this other article: Bat repellent.

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